Summit1g criticizes 24/7 Twitch streamers: “You should all be f—ing ashamed”

Summit1g criticizes 24/7 Twitch streamers: "You should all be f---ing ashamed" 1

Popular streamer Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar anticipates that he’ll “burn out” from playing Valorant because he doesn’t want to participate in what he believes is the “biggest joke on Twitch.”

Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter took Twitch by storm when the closed beta launched on April 7. The game reached 1.7 million peak viewers and snatched second place in the service’s all-time streaming peak viewership records.

Almost three weeks later, Valorant remains at the top of Twitch rankings with 443k average viewers over the last seven days, per TwitchTracker. The shooter sits comfortably above other titles including League of Legends (190k), Fortnite (150k), and popular IRL channel Just Chatting (210k).

However, many have spoken out against the legitimacy of Valorant’s viewership numbers, including Dr Disrespect, who suggested that the current numbers are “skewed” because drops are enabled.

During a stream on Saturday, April 25, summit1g also expressed his displeasure with the current Twitch environment, and in particular, the 24/7 streamers that are filling the Valorant category.

“How many 24/7s can you see just scrolling down this section at a mediocre speed?” summit1g asked his viewers.

Summit1g criticizes 24/7 Twitch streamers: "You should all be f---ing ashamed" 2

“How many 24/7s are on this category? It’s disgusting. It is f—ing gross. You should all be f—ing ashamed. You are not Twitch streamers, you are not even YouTubers, because you’re not even putting in the work that they put in.

“There’s no editing. You throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline like I’m playing my f—ing outro video… That’s how easy it is. A couple of double clicks, hit play, and you leave. What a joke. It is ruining the f—ing category.”

At the time of writing, there were 132 24/7 streams in the Valorant category, with 90k of the total 230k viewers watching the top two streams by Anomaly and Sfory. The channels are essentially profiting from AFK viewership as players wait to obtain in-game drops that would enable access to the Valorant closed beta.

The Valorant category is also heavily populated by streams attempting to attract viewers with fake claims such as “99% drop rate,” or “high drop chance” in their title. In response to the growing number of 24/7 streams, live streamers have started to include “actually live” or a similar alternative in their stream title.

“Valorant looks like a piece of shit video game right now, that’s what it looks like,” summit1g said. “This doesn’t look like the number one game on Twitch, this is the biggest joke on Twitch.”

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