Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant

Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 1

Looking for the next agent to lock in on Valorant’s Split map? Make sure you’re on the winning stride early in the game with the best agents for Valorant Split!

Whether you’re a humble beginner in Valorant or an aspiring pro player, the fight starts way before the first pistol round. In fact, the tactics game in the high-action first-person shooter starts in the agent selection screen. 

While all Valorant agents have their own strengths, some fit better given each map’s demands and unique features. Split calls for agents who can maneuver around its tight alleyways and easily rotate between the two sites. 

Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 2

Agents like Reyna and Iso rely on player skill instead of the Agent’s abilities. I’ve decided not to include these two agents on our Best Agents in Valorant Maps lists.

Best Duelist in Split


Split has one of the tightest chokepoints leading to the bomb site. Given these tacky and often dangerous entryways, Raze’s satchels can come in handy to throwing defending enemies out of their guarding posts. 

Moreover, her other utilities, such as the Boom Bot and grenade, are handy for clearing one of the many corners in Split. Raze’s Showstopper ultimate is one of the best skills you can use on this map for threatening enemies or getting multiple frags. 

Best Controllers in Split


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 3

Channel your inner TenZ by using Omen on Split! While the current meta in Valorant relies on having two controllers, Omen can easily heed the call for smokes by himself. Omen’s mobility and capability to set up kills for his teammates or himself give him an edge over other “orb” smokers in the game. 

Omen’s ultimate also comes in handy in Split’s fast-paced rotating calls. One-sided pushes are very rare on this map, so quickly teleporting from one side to another can be a great advantage whether you’re an attacker or defender. 


The most famous agent of the early VCT 2024 season also reigns supreme in this map. Split features long alleyways and chokepoints, ideal for Viper’s long smoke. Whether it be on the pro scene or ranked plays, Viper rarely leaves the Split comp. 

If you’re a fan of playing lineups for post-plant, Viper will also be your best friend. This agent is more than just a controller: she can also function as a pseudo-sentinel on the defending side. Combining her smoke’s decay with her mollys on defending will easily nick off HP from the enemies. 

Her ultimate also makes retaking a nightmare, given the many corners your teammates can hide in while waiting for the bomb to tick close to detonation. 

Best Initiators in Split


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 4

Despite recent Skye nerfs, this agent is still one of the best Initiators on Split. Given Split’s tight corners and alleyways, her maneuverable blind works better than other agents. Very few utilities work as well as Skye’s Tiger in clearing corners and the site.


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 5

You may not often see Breach on pro picks on Split, but that doesn’t mean his potential in Split should be forgotten. While other Initiators like KAY/O and Gekko feature conventional ground-type mollys that can ward off enemies, Breach’s utilities, which call for walls to work, synergize well with Split’s heavily walled map design.

Some plays I recommend with Breach on attacking include stunning the ramp on A or the B site pillar to neutralize enemies as your duelist enters. 

Meanwhile, Breach’s Aftershock can function as a post-plant, a retake, or a clearing utility, depending on the situation’s demand. 

Best Sentinels in Split


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 6

Cypher is a nightmare for attacking enemies on Split! There are many boxes, walls, and tight entryways where you can put your trips on, stopping enemies from easily entering the site. Cypher can easily defend the site by himself on Split. 

Many attacker teams send a lurking agent on Split, so Cypher’s cam comes in handy to keep your team informed of enemies they may not expect otherwise.

Worst Agents in Split


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 7

While many will argue that Sova is one of the most flexible initiators on Valorant, we’ll have to beg to differ for Split. There are many corners and boxes your enemies can hide in when your dart scans, which can negate the point of using the dart for gathering information. 

Sova’s drone is usually good for clearing corners. However, its slow pace and clearing capabilities may only put you in a more dangerous situation than you would initially be in without the drone. 


Best and Worst Agents for Split in Valorant 8

With Cypher reigning as the top Sentinel for this map, Neon is at a huge disadvantage on an already challenging map for the high-speed duelist. Neon favors maps with wide spaces where she can run free and wreak havoc, one that Split does not have. 

Her stun ability will also not benefit from the tight spaces and may only endanger your team if it rebounds to your attacking side.

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