Sentinels show dominance in VCT Masters Madrid player statistics

Sentinels show dominance in VCT Masters Madrid player statistics 1

The recently-crowned VCT Masters Madrid champions proved their renewed glory as Sentinels tops most of the player statistics in the international LAN event. 

Victory may have been sweeter the second time around, as Sentinels broke their three-year dry spell with a well-deserved win in VCT Masters Madrid. 

While Sentinels maintained their status as undoubtedly the most popular organization in the Valorant pro scene, glory has been elusive to the North American team since their flawless run in the first VCT Masters in Reykjavik in 2021. 

However, it was an entirely different story for Sentinels and their new 2024 roster, as the team did not only lift the Masters trophy in Madrid – they also tallied the most appearances in the player statistics released by Valorant from the international tournament. 

Sentinels show dominance in VCT Masters Madrid player statistics 2

Sentinels’ Zekken bags the most kills and highest ACS in VCT Masters Madrid 

Zekken is a testament to age being nothing but a number, as the Sentinels’ youngest member led the team to victory with 381 kills throughout the tournament. 

While Sentinels’ long route to the trophy certainly contributed to the frags, Zekken still reigns at the top regarding the highest ACS across the LAN tournament, with an average of 259 ACS per map. The duelist shares the spotlight of most kills per map with Team Heretics’ Miniboo, with an average of 19 kills a game. 

Meanwhile, the face of Valorant still shines in his own right despite retiring from the duelist role. TenZ proves himself to be a true flex player by topping the charts with the most assists, with .54 assists per round and a rating of 11.3 assists per map. 

TenZ also appears on the list for the most clutches. The list is topped by their new IGL JohnQT, who had a whopping 14 nail-biter clutches throughout the competition. 

To round off the star-studded Sentinels roster, Zellsis and Sacy also showed up in the rankings for most assists, proving that this killer line-up may be the team to beat in the current VCT Season. 

Sentinels show dominance in VCT Masters Madrid player statistics 3

Apart from the Sentinels roster, other noteworthy players from the tournament include Karmine Corp’s N4RRATE and Team Heretics’ Miniboo, appearing in the highest K:D, ACS, and most assist rankings. 

Catch more of the edge-of-your-seat Valorant gameplay in the upcoming Stage 1 regional tournament, starting the second week of April! 

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