Karmine Corp player uses KOI’s own skin to troll them in epic VCT match

Karmine Corp player uses KOI's own skin to troll them in epic VCT match 1

Karmine Corp’s sh1n shows the best way to troll (or tilt) your pro-team enemies using the newly released VCT team capsules. 

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 is off to a spectacular start, with the VCT Kickoff Tournament happening all over the four regional leagues. While VCT Pacific has already awarded its victor, VCT EMEA, and America have yet to proclaim their top two teams who will represent their region in the upcoming VCT Masters in Madrid. 

While most teams focus on winning maps and shooting heads, it seems like VCT EMEA’s organizations know how to mix some fun amid the competition. Karmine Corp’s controller, sh1n, showed the world a masterclass on trolling your enemies in their recent play-in match against KOI. 

In a clip from their Bind match, sh1n shows the “next level of disrespect” using KOI’s classic skin from their VCT team capsule. The player threw the KOI-branded classic gun across the map, seemingly symbolizing the tough loss the Spanish team received from Karmine Corp. 

The troll act earned remarks from the game’s commentators, poking fun at the disrespectful act while asking for more of the taunting. 

The VCT Team Capsules were made available in the in-game store on February 21 for fans to support and proudly don the symbol of their favorite teams. Half of the sales made from the skins will go to the partnered teams and is Riot Games’ way to help sustain the organizations amid a shaky year for esports companies. 

Karmine Corp is not alone in finding ways to use the VCT skins to show team pride or annoy enemies in their pro games. Sentinels’ Zellsis found a way to promote their skin line even in the most daring situations in their do-or-die match with G2 in VCT Americas Kickoff. 

As the final four teams of each tournament are yet to face each other to decide who’s qualified to compete for the VCT Masters title, fans could expect more cheeky and outrageous ways pro players use the VCT team capsule skins in their matches. 

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