Valorant players slam “total ripoff” VCT team skins

Valorant players slam "total ripoff" VCT team skins 1

Valorant players and VCT fans were disappointed with the “mid” VCT team skins, calling the release excessively pricey while lacking a finisher.

More than Valorant’s action-packed maps and fierce agents, the game’s gun skins and banners are also among the aspects that caught its player base’s hearts. Along with its pro scene, VCT, the first-person shooter game gave its players many things to fall in love with beyond the game’s mechanics. 

And it seemed like two good things came together when Valorant’s Senior Esports Director announced the release of a Valorant skin line inspired by VCT teams. The VCT Team Capsule was promised to include a Classic gun skin, a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray, and it will be available in the shop throughout the year. 

Upon release, however, its target market was less than impressed by the VCT Team Capsule skins. In a Reddit post on r/Valorant, a player calls the bundle “a total ripoff” due to its high price and lackluster visuals. 

Valorant players call VCT Capsule “overpriced team merch” 

Many players expressed disinterest even before the release of the Classic gun designs, with most players unhappy over the choice of gun for the capsule. 

Some players replied to the announcement that it wouldn’t be worth spending 2,340 Valorant Points for one of the weakest guns in the game. 

On the aforementioned Reddit post, players have also noted that the bundle costs too much for a skin line without finisher effects. However, players also understand that buying the skin capsule is more than just the gun but is about supporting your favorite teams

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Meanwhile, Valorant players seem more enthusiastic about the player cards than the gun. The VCT Team organizations had to submit their art for the cards, which, for the players, felt more personal and artistic than the more generic approach to the gun skins. 

Many dedicated fans of VCT teams are still eager to buy their beloved org’s capsules to show their support for the teams proudly. And while the devs skipped featuring a finisher on the Classic gun skin, players will still enjoy the cool AR Inspect interface displaying their favored teams’ logo. 

Do you think the bundle is worth the money, or would you rather wait for other ways to support your beloved teams?

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