Valorant fans stunned by Paper Rex F0rsakeN’s insane agent pool

Valorant fans stunned by Paper Rex F0rsakeN's insane agent pool 1

Paper Rex’s shot-caller surprises Valorant fans worldwide by showing his superior flexibility in the latest VCT Masters Madrid. 

If you’re a Valorant player, you might as well also have a favorite role or agent to play. For some, it’s the high-action duelist, while some may prefer less nerve-wracking roles like the sentinel. Whatever it is, it is very common for players to focus on their chosen role, excel at it, and “grow where they are planted.”

It could be said that it’s the same for most pro players and organizations. Some popular players are duelist mains like NRG’s Demon1 or the earliest VCT star, Sentinels’ TenZ. However, few unique players can bring any agent or role to the battlefield, and these “flex players” are highly valued by their teams. 

Paper Rex’s in-game leader, F0rsakeN, proved himself indispensable to his team in the recent VCT Masters Madrid. Fans hail him as one of the best, if not the most, valuable flex players in his unbelievable feat against European teams in the LAN event. 

F0rsakeN steps up to the duelist role against Team Heretics

As the shot-caller for Pacific’s most popular team, F0rsakeN usually fills roles depending on the demands of the map. In the last season, he has played as an initiator and sentinel, with his team boasting one of the highest-rated duelists in the region in Something. 

However, F0rsakeN amazed more than just the Paper Rex fans when he performed unbelievably as Raze in the third-map do-or-die game against Team Heretics. 

Valorant fans stunned by Paper Rex F0rsakeN's insane agent pool 2

F0rsakeN ended the game with 22 kills to only 12 deaths, scoring a KDA rating of a whopping 1.41, making him reach a rating only seasoned duelists achieve in pro play. 

In the best-of-three match against the European team, Paper Rex’s IGL played three different roles – namely KAY-O (Initiator), Cypher (Sentinel), and Raze (Duelist), with 52 kills overall. 

The next day, the Indonesian player again showed his brilliance as a flex player against another European team, Karmine Corp. This time, F0rsakeN added another role to his roster by playing as a controller, Harbor, in the opening Bind map. 

The player’s immense flexibility drew memes from Paper Rex fans, while the team’s former “Raze main,” Jingg, praised F0rsakeN’s performance as the agent. Due to Singapore’s mandatory military drafting, Jingg notably sat out of the 2024 season roster. 

The Pacific Region’s second-seeded team will face Gen. G, the region’s top-seeded team, in the opening match of the playoffs. The VCT Masters Madrid playoffs stage will start on March 21, 8 AM Pacific time. 

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