Valorant fan creates own replay system to show up Riot’s “laziness”

Valorant fan creates own replay system to show up Riot's "laziness" 1

A Valorant player stepped up to make their own “replay system” as Riot Games continues to shun years of player requests.

On top of the long wishlist Valorant players have for Riot Games is the replay system, where the player will be able to revisit how good their aim was in their winning streak or just maybe rewatch where it all went wrong. 

Since the game’s first release, the player base has constantly demanded the replay system. After all, Riot Games is no stranger to the system. The devs are familiar with this feature, which is present in the game publisher’s other major title, League of Legends

However, four years after Valorant’s release, the developers have yet to announce the long-awaited system addition date. This led to one Valorant fan and an amateur coder crafting their own “replay system” to show the developers’ “laziness.” 

Valorant fan creates “replay system” in hopes of encouraging Riot Games to release the feature sooner

In That Carrot Fella’s YouTube video, the player made a first-person shooter in a new Unreal Engine project similar to Valorant. He even created abilities like Omen’s kit to fully mimic the Valorant “experience.” 

While his version of Valorant is not as polished as Riot Games’ four-year-old game, That Carrot Fella wants to prove that if an amateur coder and developer like him can publish a game with a replay system, Riot Games can surely do so. 

Valorant fan creates own replay system to show up Riot's "laziness" 2

The creator further clarified that he made the video not to get paid, as he is not yet a YouTube partner, but in hopes of encouraging Riot Games to develop the replay system for Valorant faster. 

Many Valorant fans have flocked to the comment section to praise the creator for their effort and were further convinced that a “billion-dollar company” like Riot Games should have no problems releasing the feature in their game. However, a few comments have pointed out the complexity of adding the feature to Valorant. 

Valorant fan creates own replay system to show up Riot's "laziness" 3

Valorant’s Executive Producer was recently asked about adding the replay system during VCT Masters Madrid. In the clip, Anna Donlon explains that the team is “fully committed to doing it,” but the task is highly complex, hence the delay. 

As of now, Valorant fans will still have to wait for further updates and timeline for the replay system. 

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