Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant

Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 1

Ready to queue in and grind your way to being a Valorant Radiant? Have the upper hand in your ranked games with the Best Agents for Bind in Valorant!

As one of Valorant’s most popular maps, Bind remains a constant pick for pro plays and one of the most competitive maps in ranked games. Whether you’re a seasoned duelist or a new player to Valorant’s high-action rounds, picking the right agents can make or break your winning streak. 

Bind features one of the most distinct features in all Valorant maps—its unique teleports, which allow players to fast lurk or quickly rotate from one site to another. We’ve picked the best agents to maximize the Bind map’s potential on our list below!

Agents like Reyna and Iso rely on player skill instead of the Agent’s abilities. I’ve decided not to include these two agents on our Best Agents in Valorant Maps lists.

Best Duelist in Bind


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 2

Take the showstopping party to the Bind map with the explosive duelist, Raze! While it is not uncommon to see Jett dashing onto the top of A site’s truck or B site crate, Raze’s satchels can also accomplish this feat. 

Her high-damage utilities give Raze an edge over the seemingly overpowered Jett kit, which can clear corners and significantly reduce enemy HP before you even see them. Some of the most common uses for Raze utilities include checking the Hookah with the Boombot or a Fade Seize and the Raze Nade combo on A Short. 

Raze’s ultimate is also powerful when killing enemies cornered on one of the many nooks and crannies of the Bind map. 

Best Controllers in Bind


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 3

The B in Brimstone stands for Bind, or the other way. While Controller players have many options for “orb smoke” agents, even more so with the recent addition of Clove, Brimstone’s Molly and Ultimate are a must-have for this map. 

Some of the most popular uses for Brimstone’s ultimate include clearing lamps for a fast attacking play in A site or ult-ing the B site crate for retakes. The stim beacon also comes in handy to give your allies an advantage when taking narrow entryways to the site, including A Short and showers. 


Viper’s map versatility earned her the top rank in agent appearance in the recent VCT Kickoff tournaments. Her ability to “split” the map with her Smoke Screen gives your team an advantage, whether on attacking or defending halves of the game. 

Moreover, many players also use Viper’s abilities as pseudo-sentinels. Her decaying smoke, combined with her Snakebite mollys, can easily ward off or even kill enemies that dare to enter the site. 

Best Initiators in Bind


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 4

No patch nerfs can ever make Skye unreliable as an initiator in Bind. Her flashes’ mobility and the flexibility of her “dog” (a Tasmanian tiger) make entering sites easier for your attacking halves. 

Even when defending, Skye’s flashes are one of the best ways to gain info on enemies on B Long and A Short. Her ultimate also comes in handy for retake situations, especially when enemies hide in a Viper ult. 


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 5

While many initiators can shine on Bind, like Breach’s stuns and wall blinds or KAY/O’s silencing knife, Fade is the best partner a Raze can ask for on this map. If you’re looking for an agent who can open up team-play strategies and help your duelist pop off, Fade is your top initiator pick. 

There are many lineups for Fade’s Haunt that can be hard for enemies to hide from. Her ultimate, which deafens your competitors, can also come in handy when retaking sites or fighting for tight spaces like Hookah or Lamps. 

Best Sentinels in Bind


Just like Skye, Killjoy’s nerfs are no match for her compatibility in this map. Given the many elevations and corners, there are a handful of spots where you can place your alarmbot and swarm grenade combo that can easily kill off unassuming enemies. 

But Killjoy’s ultimate, the Lockdown, makes her irreplaceable on Bind. While the nerfs have seriously decreased the Lockdown’s reach, it can still considerably clear some of the “safest” hiding spots for enemies on the attacker side. 

Worst Agents in Bind


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 6

Think of Neon as the best counter-agent for operator-friendly maps. Her speed and nimble feet are perfect for maneuvering long alleyways where Op-agents like Chamber and Jett are waiting on the other side. However, Neon’s kit does not translate well to Bind’s tight alleyways and many corners. 


Best and Worst Agents for Bind in Valorant 7

I know what you’re thinking—TenZ and Paper Rex have played Yoru on Bind, so why can’t we? To make the most of Yoru on Bind, you need an insane level of synergy with your teammates. So if you’re solo-queuing on ranked and expect your team to emerge victorious with Yoru on the roster, you may be up for a surprise. 

Yoru is also rarely used as a sole duelist on this map. And given the current meta of double initiators or double controllers, some teams may find better comp options than running two duelists on this map. 

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