Benjyfishy hailed by Valorant fans as ex-Fortnite pro qualifies for VCT Masters Madrid

Benjyfishy hailed by Valorant fans as ex-Fortnite pro qualifies for VCT Masters Madrid 1

Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, a former Fortnite pro, took his “insane-level” skills to Valorant’s Team Heretics, surprising fans after defeating fully-stacked teams and qualifying for VCT Masters Madrid. 

When discussing “GOAT” players, especially in first-person shooter games, we often see dedicated players committing their careers to one game. There’s Counter Strike’s s1mple, Valorant’s TenZ and Yay, or PUBG’s ZPYAN1. 

While talks of “Greatest of all Time” players are always as subjective as a person’s favorite color, we cannot deny that ranking on top of one game is an arduous task – even more, being a great competitive player in two games. 

But Benjyfishy seems to have conquered all odds, as the former Fortnite champion jumped ship to Valorant and ran an undefeated streak on his first tournament with Team Heretics. 

At the young age of 19, the British pro player has raked in around $600k (USD) in total winnings. Given his history of winning five A-tier Fortnite championships with NRG and ranking fifth in the European grand finals in 2021, it is easy to consider Benjyfishy one of the best Fortnite players in the region.

This is why Fortnite and Valorant communities were surprised when Team Heretics announced that Benjyfishy would join them in their 2024 bid for the Valorant Champions Tour.

While it first seemed that the odds were stacked against Team Heretics on the controversial tournament calendar, Team Heretics stunned the community with their undefeated run.

The European team defeated seasoned teams FUT Esports, Karmine Corp, and the former VCT Masters roster of Natus Vincere to a flawless run to VCT Masters Madrid.

Benjyfishy’s Valorant pro scene debut is a dream for many pro players. At his young age, many fans are eager to witness how his VCT career will pan out, with many fans hoping for a “no way but up” trajectory to his Valorant story.

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