Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant

Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 1

If you’re looking for the best agents to pick and those to avoid in Valorant’s Ascent, look no further! We’ve detailed the best agents to lock in on the Ascent map. 

In Valorant’s fast-paced and action-packed maps, the battle starts way before the first round—it starts in the agent selection. While Riot Games tries to balance the agent pool as much as possible, some agents are better on one map than the other. 

As one of the game’s older maps, Ascent is one you must master! It also resembles Valorant’s ranged map, so Ascent may never leave the game’s map pool. 

Agents like Reyna and Iso rely on player skill instead of the Agent’s abilities. We’ve decided not to include these two agents on our Best Agents in Valorant Maps lists.

Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 2

Best Duelist in Ascent


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 3
Image by Viviane Herzog

A duelist’s central role is to get over choke points more easily than other agents, and no pick does this better on Ascent than Jett. Jett’s ability to dash into some of the tightest chokepoints on B Main and A Main makes her kit advantageous to the whole team. 

Some of Jett’s most common plays involve her Updraft for a peeking advantage in mid or dashing into her Cloudburst at A. She also synergizes well with the Cypher trips for Defending and KAY/O’s suppressing knife for the attacking half. 

Best Initiators in Ascent


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 4
Image by Viviane Herzog – Riot Games

Given Ascent’s tight entryways and corners, KAY/O’s blinds and knife work well to clear these chokepoints and give your team the upper hand when maneuvering into the site. You can throw KAY/O’s knife in many places to clear even the most tricky hiding spots for the defenders. 

Meanwhile, KAY/O’s Fragment nade can protect the tight entryways when defending, warding off any enemy who tries to enter the site with a high-damage nade. 


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 5

Another option for a viable initiator in Valorant’s Ascent is the Russian marksman Sova. Before KAY/O’s release, Sova was one of the agents (aside from Jett) instalocked in this map. His dart provides high-value information, and given the many walls in Ascent’s entryways, a defending Sova dart is always hard to spot and disable for attackers. 

On attacking, Sova’s reliability in giving info to high-action duelists like Jett makes chokepoints seem like any regular alley. His shock darts are also highly valued for post-plant lineups on both sites. 

Best Controllers in Ascent


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 6

While many players and pro teams now opt for a double-controller meta, other Controller agents pale compared to Omen’s tactical advantage in Ascent. More than his smokes that recharge after a specific time, Omen’s ability to turn a tricky situation upside down with his blind and teleport also comes in handy in Ascent’s playground. 

Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 7

Moreover, his ultimate ability becomes handy in escaping chokepoints if your team is at the short end of the stick on one side of the map. 

Some of the most common plays with Omen on Ascent involve utilizing the many elevations and boxes on A Main and Mid as a peeking advantage. 

Best Sentinel in Ascent


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 8

Nothing threatens attackers like a Cypher trap on Ascent’s A Main. Many players, from Bronze to Pro players, have fallen victim to the pesky “unkillable” traps in Ascent’s tight walkways. As one of the maps where rotating and lurking are always part of the plan, Cypher’s ult also comes in great aid for clutch situations. 

For the attacking half, Cypher’s traps can ward off or notify your team of enemies flanking your entry or making their way through Ascent’s wide midmap. 

Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 9


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 10

Consider Ascent Killjoy’s favorite playground. This German mastermind has a handful of tricks up her sleeve when positioning her turrets and mollys to significantly damage enemies trying to enter the site. 

As an attacker, Killjoy’s ultimate remains one of the most OP abilities for clearing sites. And as one of the Valorant maps with smaller site sizes, Ascent remains one of the maps where Killjoy’s lockdown still covers most of the site (after the woeful Killjoy nerf).

Worst Agents for Ascent


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 11
Image by Viviane Herzog – Riot Games

While Harbor is in no way a bad agent by all means, most of Ascent’s chokepoints and entryways would benefit more in an “orb” type of smoke like Omen’s, Astra’s or Brimstone’s. Moreover, given Ascent’s tight entryways, Controllers with molly or stun capabilities would be more handy than Harbor’s kit. 


Best and Worst Agents for Ascent in Valorant 12

As a duelist, Yoru likes wide maps with many ways to utilize his teleport orbs—one of which Ascent does not have. While Yoru is still a good agent for getting over chokepoints and tight spaces, other duelists with high mobility and a more reaction-based kit are better options for this map.

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