Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024)


Welcome to our Valorant tier list, where you’ll learn who the best agents to play in the current meta are!

Valorant is a first-person shooter that combines the precise gunplay of a classic FPS and the agents’ unique abilities. This tier list introduces the best agents currently in the game. The game is continuously being updated, so this tier list is subject to change in the future.

Do note that these characters’ ranked and tournament play can vary, as pre-made teams have more synergy than playing with random teammates. It’s also worth mentioning that these agents can be the best if used correctly and with practice.

Updated on April 1, 2024: After carefully considering the previous Agents and the addition of Clove, this Tier List has been updated to reflect these changes.

Valorant Agent Tier List (March 2024)

SCypher, Raze, Omen, Clove, Viper, Jett, KAY/O
AKilljoy, Sova, Chamber, Brimstone, Breach, Gekko, Skye
BReyna, Astra, Sage, Fade
CNeon, Harbor, Phoenix, Iso
DYoru, Deadlock
Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 1

Best Agents in Valorant Ranked: S-Tier

1. Cypher

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 2

Cypher is hands-down one of the best sentinels in the game right now. In the past, Cypher could easily be countered since his tripwires would break the first time you ran through them. Now, it will only reset. They’d have to be broken by shooting or using utilities like Sova’s shock dart. This would make the enemy team waste utilities when trying to break them.

His camera works well to survey the site or serve as a distraction. Not only that, but he also has a screen, which provides some cover that allows him to make plays. His ultimate only requires six ult points and reveals the last location of the enemy twice.

2. Raze

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 3

Despite receiving countless nerfs, Raze has been a powerhouse duelist since day one of Valorant. She’s definitely the top pick on maps such as Bind, Lotus, and Icebox. Her kit has a lot of mobility and damage-dealing skills, allowing her to aggressively make space for her team.

3. Omen

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 4

Omen is almost an all-around agent with his kit. He’s able to provide smokes for the team, which would regenerate after a certain amount of time. He also has a blind in his kit, which allows him to support his teammates or himself further. He can also aggressively enter the site or position himself off-angled with his Shrouded Step. He’s also great at lurking, especially with his ultimate.

4. Clove

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 5

Clove is the latest Controller addition to the Agent roster and their kit is definitely useful for team and individual plays. Her smoke works like Brimstone’s but regenerates like Omen’s. They’re the first agent who could still provide support to the team as they can provide smokes in a limited area around where they died. They also have a skill that acts like a bomb but decays the enemies (and teammates, so be careful), removing 50 Armor and 50 HP.

Clove’s Ultimate allows them to revive themselves with the condition of needing a kill or an assist. This could be used aggressively or to play time for your teammates who are defusing and planting. They’re best played in maps such as Ascent, Split, Bind, and Lotus.

5. Viper

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 6

Viper is usually played in a dual-controller team, as her wall cannot be retrieved once you’ve set them down. She is crucial in maps like Breeze and Icebox and can also be used in maps like Bind. Her utilities are all great, with the health decay caused by the smoke and the damage to her Snakebites. Her ultimate is also great due to the health decay and the large area it covers; it is good for holding a site entrance and guarding the spike on the attacker’s side.

6. Jett

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 7

Despite the neverending nerfs on Jett in the past patches, she is still one of the most picked duelists in the game, whether in ranked or the pro scene. She has a lot of mobility, such as her dash and updraft, her ultimate, which is handy during save rounds or crucial moments in the game. She also has a smoke that lasts for a few seconds to provide herself or her team some cover. Ultimately, she is one of the best agents to play with an operator due to her mobility.

7. KAY/O

Valorant Agent Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (March 2024) 8

KAY/O is a great initiator in Valorant, especially since his signature ability and ultimate can disable opponents’ skills. This is good against sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy, allowing KAY/O’s team to enter the site without worrying about tripwires and nano swarms. His blinds and damage allow for aggressive pushes and site control, making him a valuable asset in disrupting enemy setups. Not only that but KAY/O can also be revived if he dies when his ultimate is still active. He’s also been actively used in the VCT Masters Madrid this 2024.



Despite some of the nerfs Killjoy received in the previous updates, such as her turret’s vision, she’s still one of the solid sentinels that can hold down a site. She’s especially good on maps like Ascent and Bind. Not to mention that her Lockdown is still great in delaying the enemy or for retake situations.


Sova is still one of the best information-gathering initiators in Valorant, providing good value to any team comp. He has both the Recon and the Drone to get information on the enemy’s location and clear areas of the site, allowing his teammates to get in safely. You can get the most out of Sova in maps such as Ascent and Icebox, but in ranked matches, you can opt to play him in any map and still get value.


Chamber is another sentinel that players can pick, although his hold on the site is limited due to only having one trap that slows the enemy. Not to mention that Trademark has a radius limit, causing it to deactivate when Chamber is too far. Despite this, his kit is still good, and there’ll be more Chamber users in the upcoming 8.03 update as there is a fire rate buff to his ultimate and Headhunter’s price decreased.


Brimstone is one of the best and easiest controllers to play in Valorant. His kit is pretty straightforward with the thick smokes to cut off enemy vision as well as the molly to prevent defuses or stall enemies. His ultimate is also very handy, especially in post-plant situations. The only downside is that his smokes aren’t rechargeable like Omen’s, so players must use the smokes strategically. He’s also hard to utilize in larger maps such as Breeze since he can’t smoke from anywhere like Omen and Astra.


Breach is one of the best initiators in the game, providing a lot of value to the team if played right. His kit has blinds, stun, damage, and his ultimate knocks up the enemy. He makes a good combo with many agents, especially with duelists like Raze and Neon. When playing him, you’ll have to be mindful of your teammates to avoid hitting them with your skills.


Gekko is getting a lot of attention now after the nerfs on Skye. He is best used on maps such as Lotus and Sunset. His kit has a lot of value, such as Dizzy, a blind, which allows players to see where the enemies’ last location was with its trajectory. Mosh Pit covers a wide area and does a lot of damage, as well as Wingman, who can stun and plant the spike. Not to mention that his ultimate is a shark that is able to detain enemies.


Skye’s nerf update came at the worst time, coming three weeks before the start of VCT. This patch removed the recharge on her flashes and was also automatically activated at the end. Many players, both ranked and pro, used the fake flash to their advantage as it allows for more play.

She still has a lot of value when played right. Both her flash and Trailblazer give a good amount of information for the team, and you can still do pop flashes to catch enemies off-guard. She can also support her teammates by providing heals.



Reyna is still one of the most picked agents in ranked games. She’s usually played along with another duelist. It can be quite difficult to rely solely on her blinds as they can easily be destroyed by enemies. She could bring in value through her consistent kills as she can regain health or dismiss, especially when her ultimate is activated. With that, those who play her must have good mechanical skills to frag as much as possible.


Astra is another controller who is able to put down smokes from any location on the map. Her kit is good with smokes, stun, and being able to pull enemies out of position. Astra’s better in pre-made teams, especially in tournament line-ups, when the team knows how to communicate with one another. In ranked matches, however, it can be difficult to unleash her full potential. Those who wish to use her would need good decision-making and game sense.


Sage is one of the sentinels in the Valorant, but is not considered as a “hard” sentinel like Cypher and Killjoy. In ranked matches, she is still picked in maps like Split and Icebox due to her wall, slow orb, heal, and revive. If she’s picked, she’s usually played aggressively to support the duelists and initiators.


Fade is an information-gathering initiator like Sova. Her skills allow her and her team to see a trail of where the enemies could be. Her Prowler could then follow this trail or be used on their own to see if enemies are hiding in corners. Seize is also good since it has decay, pulls the enemy, and is deafened. Her ultimate combines the effects of her skills and has a sound cue that lets you know if you have caught any of the enemies. Despite this, there are still other initiators who are better than her.



Neon is a mobility-heavy duelist who’s still struggling to find a place in both ranked queues and in the pro scene. Her kit includes a double wall, and bouncing stuns, which gives her value. Her ultimate is also good, especially in save rounds or certain situations. It’s still best to go with other duelists unless players know what they’re doing with Neon.


When looking at the current agent lineup in Valorant, there are still better picks in controllers over Harbor. He can be picked in maps like Lotus or Breeze, but even then, players usually pick Omen or Viper, respectively. His kit, especially the ultimate and shielded orb, is still good otherwise. Using him will need good positioning, especially when using High Tide, ensuring that he’s not giving the enemy team the advantage.


Phoenix is one of the duelists in the game, having flashes, flame walls, and a fireball. His ultimate is also very useful since it only needs six ult points, like Cypher. He’s still good in maps with tight spaces to fully utilize his blind. The only problem is that it’ll be hard for him to enter the site alone due to low mobility. He can also damage his teammates if he doesn’t place his wall right or blind them if Curveball is not used properly.


Iso is the latest duelist in Valorant but failed to replace the most used ones. At first glance, the Double Tap skill, which gives him a shield, may seem really good. The downside is you’ll have to have good mechanical skills since there will be orbs that appear above the downed enemy, which you’ll need to shoot. His ultimate can be used to play time, however.

Besides this, Iso doesn’t have any mobility skills or flashes in his skill set. This makes him heavily rely on the player’s precise gunplay to win 1v1 situations. Somehow, he’s like another version of Reyna without the blind. Despite that, players can still pick him, especially in solo or duo competitive queues.



Yoru is a duelist who is still under-utilized both in the pro meta as well as competitive queues. He’s a high-risk, high-reward type of agent due to his kit. He relies a lot on flashing and teleporting, hoping that none of the enemy team dodged it. There may be some value in him if you have teleport line-ups, but this could only last for a few rounds before enemies start figuring you out.


Deadlock is one of the sentinels in the game, but despite the buffs that she received in the previous updates, she’s still not as a solid pick over the others. You may opt to play her on Icebox, but even then, it’s easy for the enemies to detect her traps and break them. They could also just walk to avoid being detected. If you really want to play her, her Barrier, Mesh Net, and Annihilation are still good.

Understanding our Valorant Agent Tier List

Our Valorant Agent Tier List is based on the agent’s utilities, their effectiveness in a team composition, and the value they provide overall. It’s worth noting that all of these characters will shine if they are properly utilized, as well as the user’s mechanical skills, which they acquire with practice and over time.

This tier list was crafted based on our experiences after testing the agents and surveying the current meta. Being placed at the bottom of the tier list doesn’t make the agent completely bad, as they have their own value. It’s a matter of currently having better options in the same role.

Either way, it’s recommended to play the agents you love and want to master. All of these agents, in their respective roles, will be able to bring value to your team.

With that, we invite you to see our tier list as a means of improving your journey, whether in casual, competitive, or pro. Valorant is a first-person shooter that emphasizes teamwork and synergy, as well as mechanical skills.

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