PUBG Patch 7.1 Update

The PUBG 7.1 Update is now on live PC servers and will release to consoles on April 28, 2020. Players will be able to return to Vikendi for Season 7, as well as the premium upgrade, Survivor Pass: Cold Front. Cold Front includes new looks, community missions, free skins, and lore for Vikendi Island.

The 7.1 PUBG Update brings a new train system around the island and a refreshed look for Vikendi areas such as the Dinoland amusement park and the Cosmodrome. The developers have also adjusted some environmental settings and weather patterns by removing snow in some areas and adding more snow to other locations to help with visibility. The Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle has been added as a weapon to Vikendi.

The developers have also recently detailed their anti-cheat efforts on PC and console, which include two-factor authentication to help avoid account hacking. PUBG Developers implemented a fix for some cases where players’ characters abnormally receive damage while boarding a train. They fixed an issue with the player’s character receives damage when colliding with another character while in mid-air. A problem on Karakin was fixed where the state of a destructible wall or floor could vary from player to player. And they also corrected an issue where players could vault to an unintended location in the Pecado gym on Miramar.

Bullets can no longer pass through particular walls at a very long-range due to a change in LOD. An issue that caused auto-fire mod to change to single after tossing a grenade in Team Deathmatch has been fixed. They repaired a problem which made a water splashing sound play when exiting a boat, BDRM on land or Aquarail. The developers of PUBG also fixed an issue that caused multiple map waypoints from the same player to remain visible. Fixed an issue which could cause numerous map waypoints from the same player to stay visible

For more information on the PUBG 7.1 Update, players should visit the official PUBG website or follow the game on Twitter.

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