Teamfight Tactics players are calling on Riot Games to allow players to disable finisher animations, as they have reported seizures after seeing them.

In the competitive realm of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), a game celebrated for its strategic gameplay and dynamic visual elements, a pressing concern has come to light.

Players have voiced significant health concerns over certain finisher animations—especially, the chibi Akali finisher—that have been triggering seizures and epilepsy events due to their intense flashing lights.

This issue has catalyzed the TFT community into action, leading to the creation of a petition aimed at disabling these potentially dangerous animations.

The visual charm of TFT is undeniably a key aspect of its appeal, with finisher animations adding a layer of excitement and personality to the game. However, for some players, these animations have turned from a source of enjoyment into a serious health hazard.

The Akali chibi finisher, with its rapid, intense strobing effect, has been particularly problematic, causing adverse reactions in players susceptible to seizures.

This issue came to light when a player, known as Antikristoff on Reddit, shared their experience. They reported that the animation triggered a small epilepsy event, underscoring a dire need for the option to mute or disable such visuals. There were a lot of reactions gained from this post and even gathered people who also have shared the same experience.

A Reddit user named Bunnixia also shared their experience regarding the issue. They said that the animations had immediate fast flashing lights that took up the whole screen and didn’t give them enough time to look away.

Another player named henlofr also shared their experience from this finisher animation which was posted months ago, meaning that this issue has been prevalent in the past but no action or solutions have been given to the players.

A user shared that their friend has decided to stop playing the game for a while due to their experience of having a seizure after watching the finisher animation.

The situation has sparked a broader conversation within the gaming community about the need for more inclusive and safe gaming environments. In response to these concerns, players have taken a proactive step by establishing a petition on titled “Stop Chibi Kill Animation TFT.”

This initiative underscores the community’s urgency in addressing the issue, seeking to compel the game’s developers to implement a feature that would allow players to disable or modify these animations to prevent seizure risks.

The call for action has resonated within the community, highlighting a shared commitment to promoting a safer gaming experience. The issue has also been acknowledged by TFT’s lead developer, Mort, who noted the legitimacy of the concern but indicated that changes might be slow due to the broader player base’s differing priorities. This response has only amplified the community’s urgency for immediate and inclusive solutions.

The discussion has further expanded to address the need for comprehensive accessibility options in gaming, emphasizing the critical role of developers in implementing features that safeguard players’ health.

The petition and the shared experiences of players like Antikristoff serve as powerful reminders of the gaming community’s ability to unite for a common cause, advocating for changes that ensure the well-being of all players.

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