Pokimane addresses YouTube & Kick contract rumors in major streaming update 1

In a significant update, Pokimane has clarified her streaming strategy and debunked rumors of exclusive contracts with YouTube or Kick.

Amid swirling rumors and speculation following her high-profile exit from Twitch, Pokimane has directly addressed the nature of her agreements with YouTube and Kick.

In a tweet, Pokimane clarified that she has not signed an exclusive deal with YouTube, Kick, or any other streaming site.

“I’m free as a bird; I’ll stream anywhere, anytime!” she announced, advising fans, “Don’t believe the clickbait.”

Her move away from Twitch was initially shrouded in mystery and conjecture, especially after announcing her first-ever stream on YouTube on February 1.

This step marked a significant transition, not just in terms of platform choice but also in the broader scope of her career, signaling a move towards a more diversified online presence.

In her own words, “I could literally sit on Instagram and talk sh** for an hour now and I’ve never been able to do that before,” highlighting the newfound freedom she relishes in being able to engage with her community across various platforms without restrictions.

In a deeply personal podcast on January 31, she delved into the reasons behind her departure from Twitch, critiquing the platform’s direction and expressing her concerns over the community’s environment.

Pokimane’s reflections revealed a desire for a change, driven by a need for a safer and more inclusive space for content creation.

“The rise of so much manosphere red pill bullsh**… I’m done with being emotionally invested in the changes this company is doing,” she commented, sharing her disillusionment with the platform’s handling of content policies and community standards.

By choosing not to tie herself to any single platform, Pokimane maintains the autonomy to broadcast across multiple channels, thereby maximizing her reach and impact.

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