Kick shuts down “fabricated” hack rumors as users remain skeptical

Kick shuts down "fabricated" hack rumors as users remain skeptical 1

Kick has denied recent hacking allegations, assuring users their data remains secure amid swirling rumors.

Social media has been ablaze with rumors claiming that Kick, the popular streaming platform, was hacked, exposing user emails, passwords, and more.

On February 13, a Twitter user claimed to have unearthed a “massive vulnerability,” sparking concern among Kick’s user base. However, Kick staff quickly responded to quash these fears.

Paulie, a prominent Kick staff member, confidently addressed the concerns, stating, “For the record, we do not store any passwords that are not encrypted. This is 100% fabricated and your private information remains secure.”

The accuser’s alarming tweet detailed the supposed breach, listing compromised data, including thousands of emails, passwords, and even payment information.

Among the many claims is that information belonging to Eddie, XQC, Trainwreck, Fousey, Adin Ross, n3on & Kick staff has been accessed.

The declaration prompted a swift rebuttal from Paulie, emphasizing the platform’s robust security measures and encrypted password policies.

However, the accuser later responded with a screenshot of what appeared to be Kick usernames and passwords in a now-deleted tweet.

The user has since continued with the claims, most recently stating, “Kick staff trying to discredit me instead of fixing the issue is concerning. I guess if the list isn’t real then I’ll make it public.”

The alleged security breach and screenshot have stirred a mixture of reactions among Kick users and streaming fans. While some are fearful of their private data being made public, many are skeptical of the alleged hack, questioning the accuser’s motives.

“Would be surprised if a gambling site has such a flawed system of information storage or perhaps it’s using something different than stake,” one user on Reddit shared.

For now, Kick users can take comfort in Paulie’s messaging that the accusation is “100% fabricated.

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