FanFan reveals “absurd” Twitch earnings but fans question the full story

FanFan reveals Twitch earnings

FanFan’s disclosure of her annual Twitch income has sparked a mixed reaction among her followers, with some expressing skepticism.

In a surprising reveal, FanFan, a renowned Twitch streamer affiliated with TSM, shared that her income from streaming on Twitch amounts to about $150,000 annually.

“I am blessed, you know. Thank f***ing God I make enough money, and I don’t have to do much work. I just sit here and watch my videos and play my games. This is great. But I make like $150k per year. That’s not a million. That’s not millionaire money,” FanFan shared during a Twitch stream.

This figure has left some fans in disbelief, calling it “absurd,” while others speculate that her actual earnings might be significantly higher.

FanFan reveals "absurd" Twitch earnings but fans question the full story 1
FanFan has reached more than 240k followers on Twitch (issfanfan)

Despite her own contentment with her earnings, FanFan addressed the disparity in public perception, especially when comparing her income to that of the top streamers.

“And then people see like the top three streamers making like $35k on a sponsor and they assume that everyone does that. You know I didn’t even get a sponsor for like six months and then when I do get a sponsor it’s like $3-5k,” FanFan explained.

Her comments have sparked a debate among fans on social platforms like Reddit, where opinions vary widely. Some believe FanFan is understating her income, especially given her recent surge in popularity.

A user noted, “She makes as much as my wife with a 4-year degree working in cloud-based data management. Your wife has better job security,” highlighting the perceived normalcy of FanFan’s earnings compared to traditional careers.

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However, skepticism about the authenticity of her claimed income prevails. “The fact that 50k was such a small amount of money to her that she can just risk losing it by ignoring emails speaks way louder than this clip does,” commented another user, referring to an incident where FanFan almost missed out on $50,000 in prize money due to unopened emails.

FanFan’s ascent to prominence in the streaming world adds layers to the discussion as the popular streamer now has over 240,000 followers on Twitch. Critics argue that her income is likely much higher now, considering her increased viewership and the potential for more lucrative sponsorships.

While some fans remain skeptical, it’s clear that FanFan’s transparency has provided a rare glimpse into the financial aspect of streaming.

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