Sneak attacks in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, sometimes the best approach is the one that goes unnoticed. Sneak attacks allow players to deal substantial damage without alerting nearby enemies.

This guide will detail the steps and strategies to execute successful sneak attacks.

How to Execute Sneak Attacks in Starfield

In Starfield, combat isn’t always about brute force. Sometimes, a silent and strategic approach can be more effective. Sneak attacks offer players the chance to deal damage discreetly, especially when using suppressed weapons.

1. Investing in the Stealth Skill:

  • To initiate sneak attacks, players must first invest in the stealth skill.
  • Access the game menu and navigate to the skills section.
  • Under the “Physical” category, allocate skill points to “Stealth.”
  • As you progress, you can further rank up this skill for enhanced stealth capabilities.

2. Understanding the Stealth Meter:

  • The stealth meter appears at the top center of the screen when sneaking.
  • A green meter indicates you’re hidden, while orange suggests you’re close to being detected.

3. Equipping Suppressed Weapons:

  • Suppressed weapons offer additional sneak attack damage.
  • In your inventory, look for weapons with a suppressor mod, such as the “Suppressed Urban Eagle.”
  • The suppressor mod will be listed in the weapon’s description or under the mods section.

4. Initiating the Sneak Attack:

  • To sneak, press the ‘B’ button on Xbox or the left control button on PC.
  • Approach your target while monitoring the stealth meter.
  • Ensure the meter indicates you’re hidden before attacking.
  • Using a suppressed weapon, target and attack the enemy. The damage will be amplified due to the sneak attack bonus.

Tips for Successful Sneak Attacks:

  • Stay Hidden: Use the environment to your advantage. Hide behind cover and avoid open areas.
  • Upgrade Your Stealth Skill: As you progress, invest more skill points in stealth to increase your sneak attack damage and reduce detection chances.
  • Choose Your Targets Wisely: Prioritize enemies that are isolated or those that pose a significant threat.
  • Practice Patience: Sneak attacks require patience. Wait for the right moment to strike.

Sneak attacks in Starfield offer a strategic advantage, allowing players to deal damage without drawing attention. By mastering the art of stealth and using the right equipment, you can navigate the cosmos with precision and discretion.

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