Upgrading weapons in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, combat is inevitable. Whether you’re facing hostile aliens or space pirates, having a powerful weapon by your side can make all the difference.

This guide will walk you through the steps to upgrade your weapons, ensuring you’re always battle-ready.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, weapons are more than just tools for defense; they’re an extension of the player. Upgrading them not only enhances their firepower but also tailors them to your playstyle. Whether you prefer stealth, long-range combat, or close-quarters battles, there’s an upgrade for you.

1. Locating a Workbench:

  • Early in the game, you’ll gain access to a lodge with various workbenches.
  • The weapons workbench and the research lab are essential for weapon upgrades.

2. Accessing the Weapons Workbench:

  • Approach the weapons workbench and interact with it.
  • Here, you’ll see a list of your weapons and their current specifications.

3. Selecting a Weapon for Upgrade:

  • Choose a weapon from the list. For this guide, we’ll use the “Drum Beat” gun as an example.
  • You’ll see the current mods and specifications of the weapon.

4. Choosing and Applying Mods:

  • Each weapon has multiple mod slots, such as laser, optic, muzzle, grip, stock, magazine, internal, receiver, and skin.
  • Select a mod slot to view available mods. For instance, you might choose to add a “Stealth Laser” or a “Long Barrel.”
  • Apply the desired mod to the weapon.

5. Using the Research Lab:

  • The research lab allows you to discover and craft new mods.
  • Interact with the lab and explore various research options to enhance your weapon’s capabilities.

6. Upgrading with Skills:

  • Your skills can further enhance weapon upgrades.
  • Invest in skills that complement your preferred combat style, allowing for more potent weapon modifications.

Tips for Successful Weapon Upgrades:

  • Experiment with Different Mods: Each mod offers unique benefits. Try out various combinations to find the perfect fit for your playstyle.
  • Stay Stocked on Resources: Some upgrades require specific resources. Ensure you have a steady supply for continuous weapon enhancements.
  • Prioritize Key Upgrades: Depending on your playstyle, certain upgrades might be more beneficial. For instance, if you prefer stealth, focus on mods that reduce weapon noise or increase accuracy.

Upgrading weapons in Starfield is a game-changer. By understanding the upgrade process and tailoring weapons to your needs, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of the cosmos. Remember, a well-upgraded weapon is the difference between victory and defeat.

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