Pokemon Go routes feature

The Pokemon Go community is no stranger to the passionate voicing of opinions, with the recent implementation of the “Routes” feature sparking a heated discussion among players. Following the significant backlash against the new feature, a Reddit user has proposed potential improvements that could be made to Routes, garnering substantial support from the game’s online community.

The recent introduction of Routes, a system that allows players to share their favorite walking paths and collect rewards as they go, seemed a promising addition on paper. However, soon after its launch, players began expressing their frustrations. Players experienced a range of issues, from difficulty in accessing routes to seemingly unnecessary complexity that made the feature especially challenging for younger and older players.

In response to these problems, one trainer has suggested improvements that could drastically enhance the functionality of Routes. They believe Routes should be visible on the main game map, or at least accessible via the discs obtained at Pokestops and gyms. The user argued that this would not only increase the visibility of routes but also provide intuitive visual cues, making the feature more user-friendly.

The Reddit user wasn’t alone in expressing the need for change. Others chimed in, highlighting the importance of being able to view routes remotely. The current setup means that unless players are physically on top of a route, they cannot view it. The community urged for an approach similar to the Campfire app, where the presence of a route would be denoted by a map icon.

The logic behind these suggestions is clear and in line with the core tenet of Pokemon Go’s appeal – accessibility. The game is beloved by millions across the globe, spanning diverse age groups, due to its ease of use and intuitive interface.

As another Reddit user wittily remarked, the simplicity of these suggestions may be too much for Niantic employees to understand.

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