Pokemon Go's new routes feature sparks outrage among players 1

Pokemon Go’s latest feature, Routes, is causing more distress than delight among players, with many expressing their frustration about its flawed execution.

Routes, the latest addition to the popular game, was designed to allow players to explore pre-defined paths and earn rewards. But the implementation of this feature has ruffled some feathers in the Pokemon Go community, resulting in a flurry of disapproving comments on various platforms such as Reddit.

Players are expressing their disappointment with the implementation, highlighting problems like the inability to create personal routes or finding any routes, even in densely populated urban areas. A comment from one player in Los Angeles exemplified the frustration, noting, “I’m in Los Angeles, California and can’t find a route.”

It’s evident that even those who managed to access the Routes feature have had their share of challenges. Some players have reported navigation errors and unhelpful information from Niantic, the game’s developer. Another layer of dissatisfaction emerged when the Routes feature was tied to the special research for the legendary Pokemon, Zygarde. Some players have been unable to progress in the activity due to persistent bugs.

These incidents only compound recent controversies surrounding Pokemon Go, including the much-criticized 7th-anniversary event. The community feels the launch of the Routes feature was mishandled, especially since it was closely tied to a special event, thus restricting access for many players.

And, importantly, this fumble has left players skeptical about future updates and features.

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