Palworld: How to Get Sulfur and Coal 1

If you’re starting your journey and wondering how to get your hands on essential resources like sulfur and coal, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to guide you through the process, making it as straightforward as possible. Let’s dive into the best early to mid-game methods for farming these vital resources.

Where to find Sulfur and Coal in Palworld

Explore Uncharted Caves

First things first, your target locations are caves – any cave in Palworld will do. The key here is to find caves that haven’t been explored yet. These untouched caverns are treasure troves, not just for sulfur and coal but for other valuable materials too.

Palworld: How to Get Sulfur and Coal 2
There’s usually a ton of Coal available in unexplored caves (Teachers Game Too)

Identifying Resource Nodes

Once inside, keep an eye out for distinct nodes of sulfur and coal. Sulfur nodes are easily recognizable by their unique yellow color – they’re the only yellow rocks you’ll find inside caves.

Palworld: How to Get Sulfur and Coal 3
Keep an eye out for Sulfur in the caves (Teachers Game Too)

Mine Coal and Sulfur with Digtoise

If you have a Digtoise (or dig toys, as some might call it), it’s time to put it to work. This Pal is a powerhouse for mining. Simply unleash it near a coal node, and watch as it efficiently gathers a heap of coal for you.

Palworld: How to Get Sulfur and Coal 4
Digtoise will do all the work for you! (Teachers Game Too)

Maximizing Your Cave Adventures

Navigate the Cave Layout

Caves typically have three sections: left, right, and a central path leading to the boss. For resource gathering, focus on the left and right paths first. These areas are filled with resources but free from the boss, allowing for uninterrupted mining.

Balance Resource Gathering and Combat

While exploring, you might encounter enemy NPCs. If combat isn’t your goal, you can bypass them or use your Pals to handle the threat quickly, letting you focus on resource gathering.

The Resource-Rich Chamber

In every cave, there’s a hidden gem – a special resource chamber. This area is usually beyond a water route and is packed with not just sulfur and coal, but also other valuable resources.

Manage your Inventory

Resource gathering can quickly fill up your inventory. Be mindful of your carry capacity and prioritize what you need. If you find yourself encumbered, consider discarding less critical items to make room for sulfur and coal.

Harvest with Digtoise

Your Digtoise isn’t just for coal; it’s equally effective for sulfur and other resources. Position it correctly, and it’ll do all the heavy lifting, conserving your stamina and time.

Concluding Your Cave Expedition

After collecting your resources, you can choose to confront the cave boss or exit to process your loot. Remember, the key to successful resource gathering in Palworld is efficient exploration, utilizing the strengths of your Pals, and managing your inventory smartly.

Video Guide

After a handy video guide on how to get Coal and Sulfur in Palworld? Check out Teachers Game Too’s guide below.

By following these simple steps and understanding the cave layouts, you can easily stock up on sulfur and coal, setting yourself up for success in the fascinating world of Palworld.

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