Palworld Update v0.1.5.1 Patch Notes: Steam PC & Xbox

Palworld Update v0.1.5.1 Patch Notes: Steam PC & Xbox 1

Palworld fans, get ready for a swift update with the release of patch v0.1.5.1, bringing significant fixes and balance adjustments.

Palworld, the vibrant and dynamic world where players can craft, fight, and befriend magical creatures known as Pals, has just rolled out a new update. Following closely on the heels of the v0.1.5.0 release, the latest patch, v0.1.5.1, aims to enhance the gaming experience for players on both Steam/PC and Xbox platforms.

This rapid release cycle underscores the development team’s commitment to improving gameplay, fixing bugs, and ensuring that Palworld remains an engaging experience for its community.

Let’s dive into what this update means for you and your pals in Palworld.

Palworld Update v0.1.5.1 Summary

Major Fixes and Balance Adjustments

The patch addresses several critical issues to enhance the game’s stability and playability:

  • Game Crashes: A variety of game crashes have been fixed, aiming to provide a smoother and more stable gaming experience.
  • Breeding Pals: Previously, breeding Pals always resulted in fixed passives, which limited the variability and strategy in breeding. This bug has now been fixed.
  • Condensation Progress: The patch corrects an issue with the increase in condensation progress when using Pal of rank 2 or higher, ensuring progress increases correctly based on the number of Pals used in previous condensation.

Dungeon and Server Tweaks

In addition to the major fixes, the update also improves dungeon and server functionalities:

  • Dungeon Door Issue: Players can now progress as intended in dungeons, with the innermost door opening after defeating the boss.
  • Server Search: Searching for spaces or Japanese/Chinese characters in the server list is now possible, making it easier for players to find servers.
  • Server Re-registration: If a server is no longer listed, it will automatically be re-registered without the need to restart the server.

Pals and Ongoing Issues

  • Pal Renaming: The issue preventing the renaming of Pals has been resolved.
  • Auto-save on Xbox: The team is actively working to fix an auto-save issue on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass versions, promising a resolution in an upcoming update.

Palworld Update v0.1.5.1 Patch Notes

Major Fixes

  • Fixed various game crashes

Balance Adjustment

  • Fixed a bug where breeding Pals always had fixed passives
  • Fixed an issue where the increase in condensation progress was incorrect when using Pal of rank 2 or higher as a condensation material (it will increase by the number of Pals used in previous condensation)

Dungeon Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the innermost door would not open after defeating the boss of a random dungeon


  • Fixed an issue where the name of a Pal would not change even after renaming them

Server Issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to search for spaces or Japanese/Chinese characters in the server list
  • Fixed so that if the server is no longer registered on the server list, it will be re-registered without needing to restart the server
  • Fixed an issue where the settings to enable RCON were not loaded from the configuration file

Palworld’s developers are dedicated to prioritizing major fixes and addressing issues as they arise, ensuring the best possible experience for the game’s community.

As Palworld continues to evolve, these updates are crucial for maintaining the game’s charm and excitement. Whether you’re exploring, battling, or breeding your Pals, these improvements are set to make your adventures even more enjoyable.

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