Palworld players shocked by unexpected "triple" use for Sword 1

Palworld players have uncovered the sword’s hidden “triple” functionality, making it much more than just a melee weapon.

Palworld players are still discovering all kinds of new gameplay secrets in the incredibly popular open-world survival game. But one particular revelation shared by a player has stunned almost everyone in the community.

The player highlighted the sword’s unique trait: “The sword is a multi-tool weapon, that’s why it’s unlocked last. It can chop wood, mine ore, and kill things equally as fast.”

They clarified that while it might not be equal to specialized tools in efficiency, its versatility and lighter weight offer a valuable trade-off.

Swords in Palworld are unlocked at level 44 and crafted using refined ingots, wood, and stone.

Typically, axes and pickaxes are essential tools in Palworld for crafting and gathering, with their own dedicated categories and variations like the Metal Axe and Metal Pickaxe.

These tools have specific durability and damage points, crucial for efficient gameplay. However, this new insight into the sword’s functionality adds an unexpected twist to resource management and tool usage.

This revelation sparked a flurry of surprised and appreciative comments. Some players were also left completely surprised by the fact there are swords in Palworld, confirming that even seasoned players were unaware of this feature.

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Other players provided valuable insights provided into the sword’s efficiency, noting it’s slightly less effective than dedicated tools but offers significant advantages in weight, durability, and inventory space.

“It is less effective, but not by a lot,” one noted, adding that the pickaxe and axe are “very effective” for their specific tasks.

This discovery highlights the intricacies of Palworld’s gameplay, where weapons and tools often have hidden uses, adding depth and strategy to the player’s experience.

The sword, initially just another item in the expansive arsenal, now stands out as a multifaceted tool, making it a highly sought-after late-game unlock.

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