Palworld players uncover sneaky way to capture Tower Bosses 1

In a surprising twist, Palworld players have discovered a loophole allowing them to capture the game’s formidable Tower Bosses.

Palworld, the latest gaming sensation dubbed ‘Pok√©mon with guns’, has been making waves since its launch, and now players have found a quirky way to bend the game’s rules.

This open-world survival crafting game, which has already sold over five million units in Early Access, is now witnessing players exploit a clever, albeit unintended, game mechanic to capture Tower Bosses, something considered nearly impossible until now.

The method involves a simple but ingenious use of the game’s mechanics. Players first need to agitate the guards in any town, leading to a ‘wanted’ status. Once this is achieved, they must fast travel to a Tower Boss location.

The trick here is to position themselves between the boss and the pursuing guards. When the guards inadvertently attack the boss, players can then use a P Sphere to capture the boss easily.

This technique has been demonstrated with bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt, and even more powerful ones like Axel and Ozuk. The captured bosses, interestingly, retain their high health stats and unique abilities, making them powerful allies.

However, this method isn’t without its quirks. For example, despite a 0% capture rate being displayed, the bosses can still be caught. Additionally, they act like normal Pals, aiding in base activities and combat, providing a significant advantage in gameplay.

The discovery has been a game-changer, literally and metaphorically. It underscores the inventiveness of the gaming community in uncovering such hidden possibilities.

However, this loophole might not be open for long, as it’s clearly not an intended feature and could be patched in future updates.

Palworld players uncover sneaky way to capture Tower Bosses 2
Now you too can have a mighty strong Grizzbolt by your side (Pocketpair)

As Palworld continues to evolve during its Early Access period, it remains to be seen how developers will respond to such exploits. Will they patch it immediately, or see it as a creative use of game mechanics? Only time will tell, but for now, players are reveling in their newfound ability to capture these once elusive Tower Bosses.

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