Palworld players facepalm after discovering how shields actually work 1

These Palworld players decided to forgo using their technology points on shields, until they discovered how shields work in the game. 

Shields can mean a lot for different games. For some titles, it’s an enforced item for a defense that you wield along your chosen weaponry – which these Palworld players expected the shield in the record-breaking game to be. 

As one Palworld player shared in the game’s subreddit, “I never spent my technology points on the shield before because I didn’t think I’d have any use for it.” The user then details that they thought the shield was the one players had to “manually deploy” during battles. 

However, the user was surprised to discover that shields in Palworld aren’t physically “carried” by your character but act as an extra health bar above your original HP. 

There are two ways to increase your defense in Palworld – the external armor and shields. The armor, aside from giving you extra chances to fend off nefarious Pal attacks, also acts as a temperature regulator for extremely hot or chilly areas. 

As the armor already acts as a source of extra HP and is unlocked earlier in the game, the Reddit poster is not alone in thinking that shields would have a different mechanic than the armor.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user had a nifty explanation for the shield mechanic in Palworld. They commented that shields in Palworld act similar to shields in first-person shooter Halo, where these items function as “auto recharging shields before your health starts being impacted after a few hits.”

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If you haven’t researched nor crafted your Palworld shields yet, it’s never too late to make one. When it’s time to conquer Legendary Pals and Tower Bosses, you’ll have tankier HP! 

There are many other aspects of Palworld – from tricks to hidden in-game rewards – that have yet to be discovered.

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