All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 1

Aside from Alpha Field Bosses, Palworld players can also conquer five Tower Bosses that grant a handful of Ancient Technology points. Here’s a guide on where to find these bosses and how to crush them.

Now that you’ve trained your strongest party and beat the gigantic Alpha Pals, what comes next? Well, a Palworld player can never run out of challenges to overcome. There are five tower bosses spread across the game’s map. 

All these tower bosses pack a punch with their powerful Pals, so make sure to bring your mightiest party members on a journey toward success. 

You have ten minutes to defeat a Tower Boss, meaning you must be quick with your decisions and careful with your attacks. These bosses are weak against certain elements, and we’ll discuss which Pal types to bring below to ensure your success. 

Zoe and Grizzbolt

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 2

Zoe and Grizzbolt are the first tower bosses you’ll encounter once you finish the player tutorial. They can be found at the Tower of Rayne and Syndicate in the grasslands region northwest of Grassy Behemoth Hills.

As an early-game boss, you need all the help you can get with weapons and armor when trying to defeat these two. Grizzbolt is an Electric element Pal, so bringing a Ground element Pal will significantly increase your chances of triumph. 

Some early-level Ground element Pals you can bring in your team include Rushoar, Fuddler, and Gumoss. You may also get one of the strongest Ground element Pals, Anubis, in early game by following our guide. 

Tower Location110, -431
Element TypeElectric element Pal
Recommended PalsGround-type Pals
(Rushoar, Gumoss, Dumud, Fuddler)

Lily and Lyleen

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 3

Don’t be fooled by Lily and Lyleen’s innocent appearance, as these two definitely pack a punch. With an HP level of almost 70k, you’re definitely taking a huge leap from Zoe and Grizzbolt to this Tower Boss. 

You will find Lily and Lyleen at the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance in the snowy mountains north of the spawn point. 

This Grass-type Pal’s weakness is Fire element Pals. If you have at least level 30 Fire Pals in your team, you’ll have a higher chance of winning this bout. Some recommendations include Bushi, Ragnahawk, or Pyrin.

Lyleen’s attacks include hurling water bubbles at you and your Pal. So be quick on your feet to dodge or recall your Pal during her attacks. 

Tower Location184, 27
Element TypeGrass element Pal
Recommended PalsFire-type Pals
(Foxparks, Bushi, Ragnahawk)

Axel and Orserk

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 4

In your fight with Axel and Orserk, you will face another electric-type pal, this time combined with the force of a Dragon. These two can be found in the Tower of the Brothers of The Eternal Pyre, in the volcanic region near the mineshafts. 

Axel and Orserk combine a variety of ranges with single and AOE attacks. For this boss tower, the pillars are your new best friend in the name of safety. 

With an HP level of 130,000, you need to bring your mightiest firepower to this fight. In addition to bringing a Ground or Ice-type Pal, you should also deal your own damage with a handgun or a rifle. 

Tower Location -584, -514
Element TypeElectric & Dragon element Pal
Recommended PalsGround or Ice-type Pals
(Anubis, Digtoise, Warsect)

Marcus and Faleris

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 5

Being the penultimate boss, you’ll surely need to prepare for your battle with Marcus and Faleris. First, the Tower of the PIDF is located in the desert region, making the journey to this tower treacherous in itself. Make sure to bring both cold-resistant and heat-resistant armor for the weather. 

The ferocious-looking Faleris is a Fire-type Pal. Having one or two Water element Pals in your party will make your time in the tower easier. You should also bring plenty of ammo, as this boss has nearly 150,000 HP.

Faleris is extremely swift and fiery with its attacks. We advise conserving your stamina to dodge its ground attacks with high AoE. 

Tower Location 558, 338
Element TypeFire element Pal
Recommended PalsWater-type Pals
(Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, Elphidran Aqua)

Victor and Shadowbeak

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 6

Facing the final boss is truly for Pal breeders strengthened by all the challenges in Palpagos Islands. This Dark element boss packs the strongest punch and the most HP out of all the ones on the list, so make sure you’re prepared before heading to its tower. 

You will find Victor and Shadowbeak in the Tower of PAL Genetic Research in the icy region in the Northwest. Don your best Cold-resistant Armor for your journey towards this boss. 

A fight with this Tower Boss calls for nimble movements and swift reactions. One of Shadowbeak’s attacks, Divine Disaster,  involves dashing towards its target and leaving a trail of orbs on the ground. These orbs will then shoot lasers at its target, dealing considerable damage. 

Facing a Dark element Pal calls for a Dragon companion. If you’ve conquered Quivern, Jormuntide, or a high-level Chillet, you’re ready to face the game’s final tower boss. 

Tower Location-150, 440
Element TypeDark element Pal
Recommended PalsDragon-type Pal
(Chillet, Jormuntide Ignis, Astegon)

General Tips When Facing Palworld Tower Bosses

All Palworld Tower Bosses: Locations, Order & How to Defeat Them 7
  • Recall your Pals when they’re low in HP: Recalling and rotating your team lets them regenerate HP while another Pal takes the stage. 
  • Don’t leave the DPS to your Pals: Bring your best weapons to increase your chances of defeating these high-HP bosses. 
  • Practice dodging and conserving your stamina: These bosses possess a variety of attacks. Make sure to practice getting out of harm’s way as you progress in the game. 

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