Palworld's latest glitch turns players into invincible flying wonders 1

Palworld players have found an invincible mode and flying glitches, potentially turning the gameplay on its head.

Palworld, the popular creature-collecting and survival game, has become the center of attention in the gaming world. Players have been discovering all kinds of weird and wacky features and glitches, such as the newly discovered Invincible mode and flying glitches.

These glitches are not mere hiccups but major exploits that significantly alter the gaming experience, giving players near invincibility and the ability to fly in a funny manner.

The process to activate the invincible glitch is surprisingly simple. By manipulating their Pal Gear slots and swapping items like Head Gear and Gliders, players can dramatically boost their shield stats. This results in an absurdly high shield, effectively turning their characters into invincible entities.

The glitch essentially allows players to stack multiple shields in unconventional inventory slots, breaking the game’s intended balance.

A Reddit user named Ryjhan shared their discovery of this glitch, and they stated that these shields do stack up, leading to a huge defensive boost.

A YouTuber named Rifle Gaming has also shared a video about this glitch where they show that you can equip shields in different slots, which helps boost your defensive stats, thus making you invincible.

A newly found flying glitch is equally intriguing and is activated by replacing the glider with a shield. This odd substitution causes the player’s character model to glitch, granting them the ability to fly in a bizarre yet humorous manner.

This glitch enabled players to glide while T-Posing, which is a hilarious spectacle to watch while you are gliding. The visual quirk of characters flying with outstretched arms adds a comedic, albeit unintended, layer to Palworld’s gameplay.

Another Reddit user named Kooky_Treat_2270 shared another way to do the T-Pose gliding glitch. They have done it by equipping a Parachute to the Accessory slots, enabling them to fly in a T-Pose manner.

While these glitches offer a unique and amusing way to experience Palworld, they also pose a challenge to the game’s integrity. Given the severity of these glitches, it’s likely that the developers will address and patch them out in future updates.

Whether you choose to experiment with these glitches or play the game as intended, it’s clear that Palworld always has a surprise around the corner.

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