Palworld: How to Craft and Equip Pal Gear 1

Are you ready to gear up your Pals for adventure in Palworld?

Making and equipping Pal Gear is an exciting part of the Palworld experience, enhancing your Pals’ abilities and adding a fun twist to your adventures. Let’s dive into how you can craft and equip Pal Gear.

How to Craft Pal Gear in Palworld

1. Unlock the Pal Gear Workbench: First, you need to unlock the Pal Gear Workbench in your technology tree, which becomes available at level 6.

2. Catch Relevant Pals: Each Pal has its unique gear piece. To unlock these recipes, you need to catch the corresponding Pals. If you see question marks in your technology tree, it indicates gear for Pals you haven’t caught yet.

Palworld: How to Craft and Equip Pal Gear 2
Question marks represent an Unknown Item in Palworld (ConCon)

3. Selecting Recipes: Once you’ve caught a Pal, head over to the Pal Gear Workbench. Here, you can select the recipe for the specific gear of the Pal you’ve caught.

4. Crafting the Gear: Each Pal’s gear requires specific materials. Gather these materials and craft the gear. For example, Tanzee’s Assault Rifle is crafted at level 12, and each gear piece is unique to the Pal.

Palworld: How to Craft and Equip Pal Gear 3
Here’s what you’ll need to create Tanzee’s Assault Rifle (ConCon)

5. Acquiring the Gear: After crafting, the gear item is added to your key items, not the regular inventory. You don’t need to manually equip it; it’s automatically available for use with the corresponding Pal.

How to Equip and Use Pal Gear in Palworld

1. Automatic Equipping: Pal Gear is automatically equipped to the relevant Pal when you use them. There’s no need for manual equipping.

2. Activating Pal Gear: Summon the Pal with the gear by pressing ‘E.’ Then, use the specified key (like ‘F’) to activate the gear. For instance, if you’ve crafted Tanzee’s Assault Rifle, when you use Tanzee, it will automatically have the rifle equipped.

Palworld: How to Craft and Equip Pal Gear 4
Equipping your gear in Palworld is easy! (ConCon)

3. Engaging in Battle: With the Pal Gear equipped, your Pal’s abilities are enhanced. This is particularly useful in battles, boss fights, and exploring the world of Palworld.

Tips for Effective Use of Pal Gear

  • Diversify Your Collection: Try to catch a variety of Pals to unlock different gear pieces.
  • Resource Management: Keep an eye on your resources to ensure you can craft the gear you need.
  • Experiment with Gear: Different gear offers various advantages. Experiment to find what works best for your playstyle.

Video Guide

After a video guide? Check out ConCon’s comprehensive guide on how to make and equip Pal Gear in Palworld below.

Crafting and equipping Pal Gear in Palworld is a rewarding process that enhances your gameplay. It adds a strategic layer to how you use your Pals and interact with the world. Dive in, craft some gear, and see how it transforms your adventures in Palworld!

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