Palworld: Best Base Location for Coal Farm 1

Are you ready to master Coal farming in Palworld? Then you’re in the right place.

This guide will show you the best location for setting up a Coal farm, introduce some highly effective Pals for mining, and even throw in a few extra tips to make your Palworld experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Best Coal Farm Location in Palworld

This location (as seen below) is rich with six to seven coal nodes, making it the ideal place to start your Coal farm. Coal is a Tier 3 resource, crucial for late-game items like bullets, and it typically respawns every other day if you have a base nearby.

Best base location for coal farming
Best base location for Coal farming (CurtisBuilds)

Best Pals for Mining Coal

For efficient Coal mining, you need Pals with a specific skill set. Note that Coal is a Tier 3 resource, so make sure that the Pals have mining level three. Here are some of the best Pals for mining:

Digtoise: These Pals are fantastic miners and relatively easy to acquire early in the game. Digtoise can be found in the first desert biome, starting at level 20. You can find a detailed guide to catch Digtoise here.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Coal Farm 2
Digtoise is amazing for mining (CurtisBuilds)

Blazamut: Good Pal for mining but harder to get as it is very rare. Blazamut can be caught in the Wildlife Sanctuary and Scorching Mineshaft. Despite being rare, Blazamut is recommended for mining.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Coal Farm 3
Blazamut is very rare but recommended to capture for mining (CurtisBuilds)

Reptyro: Found in the volcano biome, Reptyros are excellent miners. However, the location to catch them requires heat-resistant gear and are found at higher levels, making them more suitable for players who have advanced in the game.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Coal Farm 4
Reptyro is a good miner and located at volcano biome (CurtisBuilds)

Tips for Managing Your Coal Farm

Base Setup: Be cautious when building your base. An extensive base might interfere with Coal respawning. A smaller, more temporary setup works best for continuous resource generation.

Use Sparkit: Sparkits are fantastic for gathering and transporting Coal. They focus on the task at hand without getting distracted, increasing efficiency.

Sparkits are good at gathering and transporting items (CurtisBuilds)

Overweight Trick: If you’re carrying too much Coal and can’t move, use the Grappling Gun or mount a flying Pal to get around. Just be aware of interaction loops with objects.

Video Guide

Want to know more about the best base locations in Palworld? Visit CurtisBuilds’ channel below for a video guide.

Setting up a Coal farm in Palworld is not just about finding the right spot; it’s also about choosing the right Pals and managing your base efficiently. With this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a Coal farming expert in Palworld.

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