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In Palworld, pals are often valued based on their versatility and efficiency – although some may argue that cuteness is a factor. But if you’re looking for a pal who excels as a party member and an efficient worker for your base, look no further than Anubis.

This Ground Element Pal resembles the Statue of Power used to improve your party’s raw stats. And with its name drawn from Egyptian mythology, you already know that Anubis packs great power and potential for your team.

No matter if you’re looking to breed an Anubis or simply go out and catch one, we’ve got you covered:

How to Get Anubis in Palworld

Palworld: How To Breed Anubis 2

Catching an Anubis in the wild may be challenging for early-game explorers. You’ll first encounter a pack of one to three Anubis as a level 47 field boss in the desert area near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport waypoint.

Bringing a powerful Grass Element Pal like Lyleen or a high-level Lifmunk gives you the best chance to defeat and catch Anubis.

The great news is you wouldn’t need to grind your level and your party all the way up to get your hands on this powerful pal. There are many early to mid-level combinations for breeding an Anubis, so you don’t need to risk seeing the dreaded respawn screen to bring it home.

How to Breed an Anubis in Early Game

Penking and Bushi are the earliest pals you can acquire to breed an Anubis. This combination results in a Huge Rocky Egg that eventually hatches into an Anubis. Penking can be found near the Sealed Realm of Frozen Wings, and Bushi is located near the Sealed Realm of the Sword Master.

But in a nutshell, you’ll have your Penking and Bushi (one male and one female from either Pal) get warm and cozy in your Breeding Farm with a Ccake until they grant you your very own Anubis egg. The Huge Rocky Egg needs to sit in your incubator for a few minutes (or even instantly, depending on your game settings) until it spawns a level 1 Anubis.

Palworld: How To Breed Anubis 3

Other Pal Breeding Combinations for Anubis

There are many other combinations to breed an Anubis after Penking and Bushi. Some of these pals are found in the colder regions of the map, so make sure to have your Cold Resistant Armor while catching them.

Here are some of the Pal combinations that will breed into an Anubis:

  • Mossanda & Katress
  • Mozzarina & Lyleen
  • Kitsun & Elizabee
  • Digtoise & Relaxaurus
  • Quivern & Petallia
  • Ragnahawk & Petallia

Leveling Up Your Anubis

Now that you have your very own Anubis, you can now start leveling up your pal and make it one of the most powerful members of your party.

Putting it in your party is the easiest way to level up your Anubis. This way, your Anubis gains experience as you explore and catch other pals.

Palworld: How To Breed Anubis 4

If you’re looking to use your Anubis as a party member, you should focus on passive skills like ferocious for increased attack.

Anubis with passive skills like Artisan are efficient workers for your base. These pals are best suited for Handiwork (crafting Pal Spheres and other materials) and Mining (acquiring ores and raw materials for production).

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