Overwatch 2’s “insane” hitbox update mocked by Valorant fans

Overwatch 2's "insane" hitbox update mocked by Valorant fans 1

Valorant fans are mocking the Overwatch 2 community after Blizzard’s controversial hitbox adjustments.

Overwatch 2’s most recent update included changes to hitboxes, making them so large to the point that you seemingly don’t even need to aim at the opponent to hit them. The change enraged many in the community, and Valorant fans found a way to mock the seemingly odd decision to vastly increase Overwatch 2’s hitbox.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), a Valorant player posted a video showcasing their game’s own hitbox and added, “Hey, Overwatch players, look at this!” obviously mocking the game’s illogical change in their hitbox.

The clip went viral on social media, with many joining in and mocking Overwatch 2’s hitbox update. Fans of Overwatch 2 quickly pointed out that even they weren’t pleased with the controversial update.

And it’s not just the respective player bases who find the update absurd; content creators such as YouTuber Flats Two called it “insane,” and MoistCr1tikal couldn’t believe the new feature, saying, “This has to be a bug, right?”

The debate rages on social media, with players from both sides of the aisle calling for Blizzard to revisit the change. Overwatch 2’s community, in particular, is vocal in their hope for a rollback, citing the update as a misstep in combat balance that detracts from the skill-based aspects of the game.

As discussions continue, the Overwatch 2 update remains a contentious issue, highlighting the delicate balance developers must strike in tuning gameplay mechanics.

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