How to link Nether Portals in Minecraft

How to link Nether Portals in Minecraft 1

Players use Minecraft’s Nether portals to enter the Nether, but that’s not the only use case for these portals.

Minecraft players can sometimes find themselves returning from the Nether only to find that they’ve been teleported away from their original portal in the overworld.

If you find this problem in your Minecraft world, this guide will help you avoid that and learn how to properly link your Nether portals.

How to link Nether Portals

To properly link your Nether portals, you’ll need to take the X and Z coordinates of your portal in the Overworld and divide them by eight.

Alternatively, you can multiply the X and Z coordinates of the portal in the Nether by eight.

Once you get these coordinates, build your Nether portal on those coordinates, and this will ensure that you will spawn in the right place and not break your portal spawn.

How to link Nether Portals in Minecraft 2

Why does my portal spawn somewhere else?

Linking portals in the Nether and the Overworld is tricky because one block in the Nether is equal to eight blocks in the Overworld. This is why when in the Overworld, you must divide your portal’s coordinates to accurately predict where you will spawn in the Nether.

Likewise, when you’re in the Nether, you will need to multiply your portal’s coordinates there in order to predict where you will spawn in the Overworld.

If you spawn on the other side of the portal and your coordinates are off from your calculations, you’ll be at risk of spawning on a different coordinate when you try to go back, thus breaking your portal link.

From fast traveling using the Nether to enjoying the thrill of exploration, being lost is still the last thing all players want to have. If you don’t want to accidentally find yourself spawning in a different location from the Nether, you now know how to avoid it and predict where you could spawn.

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