Marvel Snap Conquest Mode

Marvel Snap is launching its highly anticipated Conquest Mode, and it’s set to shake up the way the game is played.

Prepare to climb up the leaderboard, scoop up tons of medals, and snag unique rewards in this heart-racing, adrenaline-charged online PvP mode.

Exceptional rewards are up for grabs, with more than a hint of bragging rights for top-tier players.

Understanding Conquest Mode

In Conquest Mode, you’re not just playing, you’re on a relentless mission.

You’ll square off against rival players in an escalating series of battles.

The goal?

String together a streak of victories, storm through the ranks of Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, and face the ultimate showdown in the Infinity tier.

The higher your rank, the richer the spoils, with medals piling up as you claim victories.

Conquest Mode cranks up the heat by shaking up the gameplay, adopting the Battle Mode rules of Marvel Snap.

Unlike standard match rules, players start with 10 Health points, and the winner will be the first player to reduce their opponent’s Health to 0.

But remember, strategy is key! Protect your Health points, and plan your moves wisely.

Tiers in Conquest Mode and Their Rewards

Conquest Mode introduces four distinct tiers: Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, and Infinity. Each tier has its specific entry requirements and rewards that players can earn by winning matches.

Proving Grounds is your stepping stone, a risk-free playground where you can hone your skills and strategize.

Triumph in the Proving Grounds, and you’ve earned your Silver ticket. From there, things start heating up.

Access to the Silver, Gold, and Infinity tiers comes at a price – your hard-earned ticket or a chunk of Gold.

Lose, and your ticket or Gold goes up in smoke.

And if you’ve got your eye on the prize, the Infinity tier is the most important of all.

Open only for a limited time each season, players need to brawl their way up from the bottom, saving their Infinity tickets for the grand finale.

Brave the Infinity tier and string together five back-to-back wins, and you get to pimp your avatar with a gleaming Infinity border.

Here’s the lowdown on each tier:

  • Proving Grounds: Free entry, 1 win required, 15 medals reward
  • Silver: 80 Gold OR Silver Ticket, 2 wins required, 120 medals reward
  • Gold: 200 Gold OR Gold Ticket, 3 wins required, 370 medals reward
  • Infinity: 500 Gold OR Infinity Ticket, 5 wins required, 1,375 medals reward
Marvel Snap's Conquest Mode: A Comprehensive Guide 1

The Medal Shop

Each season brings a new theme, and right now, it’s all about Spider-Versus.

From Mystery Variants to Silver Tickets, Credits, Boosters, and unique Avatars, the Medal Shop has it all.

Oh, and let’s not forget the exclusive reward for shopaholics – the Green Goblin variant, awarded to players who splurge on nine items from the Medal Shop by season’s end.

You can’t get this variant anywhere else, making it a must-have for the hardcore Marvel Snap fans.

Marvel Snap's Conquest Mode: A Comprehensive Guide 2

Week 1:

  • Mystery Variant: 100 medals
  • Silver Ticket: 50 medals
  • 150 Credits: 250 medals

Week 2:

  • “Is Awesome” title: 150 medals
  • 75 Green Goblin boosters: 100 medals
  • 200 Gold: 450 medals

Week 3:

  • 200 Credits: 300 medals
  • Gold Ticket: 200 medals
  • 155 Green Goblin boosters: 200 medals

Week 4:

  • 350 Credits: 800 medals
  • Infinity Ticket: 350 medals
  • Green Goblin avatar: 1000 medals
  • 35 boosters: 250 medals
  • 105 boosters: 500 medals
  • 155 Green Goblin boosters: 1000 medals

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