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Marvel Snap, the incredibly popular card game inspired by the sprawling Marvel Universe, offers its players a chance to dive into epic battles with their favorite superheroes and villains. The high strategy and intricate card synergy inherent to the game allows for a wide array of deck-building opportunities.

One such card, notorious for its synergistic potential, is Knull. As a significant piece of any Destroy deck, Knull offers uncapped Power, dependent on the combined Power of all cards destroyed during a game.

We’ve used Untapped to uncover the top-rated decks in Marvel Snap in the last 30 days. Untapped is free to use and helps track game data so we have a better understanding of which decks are performing best.

Let’s delve into the best deck-building strategies surrounding Knull and discuss how to counter even the best Knull decks in Marvel Snap.

Knull’s Power and Synergy

Knull is a 6-cost, 0-power card that has a powerful Ongoing effect: Has the combined Power of all cards destroyed this game.

Best Knull Decks: Unleashing Knull's Power in Marvel Snap 1

Ongoing: Has the combined Power of all cards destroyed this game.

Knull’s strength can rapidly escalate, especially in destroy decks where both players frequently obliterate cards. Moreover, Knull also benefits from cards destroyed on the opponent’s side, effectively turning the table in favor of the player employing a destroy strategy.

Some cards synergize exceptionally well with Knull, namely Death and Galactus. Death, in particular, is a crucial component of destroy decks, contributing to Knull’s increasing Power.

When paired with Galactus, Knull benefits from Galactus’ ability to destroy all other locations and the cards that were played on them, as well.

As such, Knull is the finishing touch in these Marvel Snap decks, turning the tide in the player’s favor when deployed at the right moment.

Best Knull Decks in Marvel Snap

The best Knull decks in Marvel Snap all focus on destroying as many cards as possible. This approach maximizes Knull’s potential Power, making it a formidable force in the endgame.

There are currently three Marvel Snap Knull decks that we recommend. Of course, there are almost limitless alternative options, but no others have enjoyed the same kind of win rate and average cubes for players since the latest patch.

The Best Knull Deck – Thanos Death

Best Knull Decks: Unleashing Knull's Power in Marvel Snap 2
The Best Knull Deck – Thanos Death: A powerful list that maximizes Knull’s potential

Knull Marvel Snap Deck Code

Simply copy and paste the below code into your Marvel Snap game to re-create this deck for yourself:


Knull Thanos Death Marvel Snap Decklist

  • (1) Nova, Yondu
  • (2) Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Killmonger
  • (3) Venom, Daken, Deathlok
  • (4) Shang-Chi
  • (6) Knull, Thanos
  • (8) Death

Untapped Stats

This Thanos Death deck is currently the strongest possible Knull deck in Marvel Snap today, according to data from Untapped. With a win rate of 65% and average cubes of +0.92 per game, this is a deck that can help you reach Infinite rank in no time.

The Best Knull Galactus Deck

Best Knull Decks: Unleashing Knull's Power in Marvel Snap 3
Knull Galactus Deck Marvel Snap: Pair Knull with Galactus for a formidable endgame power surge

Knull Marvel Snap Deck Code

Simply copy and paste the below code into your Marvel Snap game to re-create this deck for yourself:


Knull Galactus Marvel Snap Decklist

  • (1) Yondu
  • (2) Wolverine
  • (3) Electro, Wave
  • (4) Shang-Chi, Spider-Man
  • (5) Doctor Octopus
  • (6) Knull, Galactus, America Chavez, Destroyer
  • (8) Death

Untapped Stats

This Thanos Galactus deck is an incredibly strong force in today’s meta, according to data from Untapped. The deck has managed a 62.1% win rate in more than 200 games and has seen users earn +0.83 cubes per game.


The Knull + Galactus combo makes for what is the best Knull deck in Marvel Snap right now.

It relies on the careful orchestration of cards to ensure Galactus is played as safely and early as possible, ideally before turn six. This is facilitated by ramp cards like Electro and Wave.

Once Galactus is in play, this deck should be able to dominate a one-lane battle, using cards like Death, Knull, and Shang-Chi to punish any opponent who dares to stay in the game.

The endgame involves leveraging the combined power of all cards destroyed in the game through Knull, and the reduced cost of Death for each card destroyed, to create a formidable power surge that can secure victory.


Other popular cards to include in this Knull Marvel Snap deck include Daredevil, Hobgoblin, and Jeff.

Daredevil allows you to have extra information before playing Galactus on turn five, assuming you weren’t able to push him onto the board in the turns earlier.

Hobgoblin is also a sneaky way to ensure that your opponent is at an early disadvantage in the one-lane battle, all while keeping your lane free of other cards.

Jeff is rising in use rate across Knull + Galactus decks, especially in recent weeks as the player base has started to become more experienced in countering the Galactus archetype. Jeff allows a player to play into a Professor X-restricted area. This can be pretty handy in mirror-type matchups, too.

The Best Knull Destroy Deck

Best Knull Decks: Unleashing Knull's Power in Marvel Snap 4
Knull Marvel Snap Deck: Knull pairs exceptionally well with Death in this Destroy deck

Knull Marvel Snap Deck Code

Simply copy and paste the below code into your Marvel Snap game to re-create this deck for yourself:


Knull Death Marvel Snap Decklist

  • (1) Deadpool, Nova
  • (2) Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Wolverine
  • (3) Killmonger, Venom, Sabretooth, Deathlok
  • (4) Shang-Chi
  • (6) Knull
  • (8) Death

Untapped Stats

Arguably the best Knull Marvel Snap deck listed here, this classic Destroy list with Death and Daken brings in +1.04 cubes per game for ranked players with a win rate of 64.4%.


This decklist employs a similar strategy to the classic destroy decks that players may have enjoyed all the way through the earlier pools.

Now, with the addition of Knull, the objective here is to repeatedly destroy Deadpool, doubling his power each time, which, in turn, increases Knull’s power and reduces Death’s cost simultaneously.

Finally, the game should ideally conclude with the deployment of Knull and Death, securing a dominant position and making this one of the very best Marvel Snap Knull decks.


A common but significant replacement for this type of deck is to switch Deadpool with another destroy-oriented card such as Yondu. Yondu has excellent synergy with both Knull and Death and reduces the reliance on building up Deadpool’s power through repeated destruction.

How to Counter Best Knull Decks

Despite their strength, the best Knull decks in Marvel Snap are not invincible. Several strategies can be employed to counter them effectively.

The use of Shang-Chi can disrupt the opponent’s strategy by destroying either Knull or Death at critical moments.

Moreover, Enchantress can nullify Knull’s Ongoing effect, while Rogue can steal it, thereby equalizing the Power dynamics.

Armor and Cosmo are other viable options, with Armor preventing card destruction at a location and Cosmo disabling On Reveal effects, both of which are disruptive to even the most effective Knull Marvel Snap decks.

In Marvel Snap, the dynamism of gameplay strategy is beautifully encapsulated by cards like Knull. By understanding its mechanics and recognizing its synergy with other cards, such as Galactus and Death, players can orchestrate powerful destroy decks that leverage Knull’s immense potential. However, as with all strategies, understanding how to counteract the best Knull decks in Marvel Snap is equally crucial in your journey to Infinite.

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