Marvel Snap Revenue and Player Statistics (2023)

Marvel Snap Revenue and Player Statistics (2023) 1

Marvel Snap, a game that combines the power of iconic superheroes with the engaging world of digital card-based collectible games, launched in 2022.

This innovative card-based game has taken the gaming community by storm, amassing over 16 million downloads on iOS and Android devices and generating impressive revenue within a short period.

But what makes Marvel Snap so captivating? What’s the secret sauce that has gamers worldwide hooked?

So, let’s delve into the most remarkable and noteworthy stats about this gaming sensation.

  • Total Revenue: In just over six months, Marvel Snap generated over $70 million in total revenue across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Marvel Snap downloads: Since its global launch in October 2022, Marvel Snap has been downloaded a staggering 16 million times on iOS and Android platforms alone, excluding PC downloads.
  • Daily Revenue: The game has generated around US $315,580 per day, with players spending heavily on Season Pass content and unique card art variants.
  • Active players: There are 8,010,000 active users currently playing Marvel Snap.
  • Player Growth Rate: The game is continuing to grow, with around 27,460 downloads recorded on average, per day​​, in April.
  • Revenue Growth: Between October 2022 and April 2023, Marvel Snap’s total revenue saw an impressive 153% increase.
  • Android vs iOS downloads: 70% of total downloads have come from Android users, while just 30% are from iOS users.
  • Investment: The game was developed by Hearthstone and Blizzard veterans Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu, with a $30M investment from Net Ease.

When was Marvel Snap released?

Marvel Snap was first released into the global mobile game market on October 18, 2022, by parent company Marvel Entertainment, following beta testing.

Marvel Snap Download Statistics

How many people have downloaded Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap has amassed over 16 million downloads since its launch in 2022.

Android dominates the Marvel Snap market, accounting for over 11 million downloads, while iOS accounts for nearly 5 million.

Despite the disparity, both platforms have seen consistent downloads since the game’s launch, indicating steady interest from both user bases.

How many people have downloaded Marvel Snap on Android?

A total of 11,320,950 players have downloaded Marvel Snap on Android with almost 70% of total game downloads coming from the Google Play Store.

How many people have downloaded Marvel Snap on iOS?

There have been 4,961,313 total downloads of Marvel Snap on iOS devices. This accounts for just over 30% of total game downloads.


Marvel Snap Active User Statistics

How many people are actively playing Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap currently has 8,010,000 active users.

As per recent data, there are 2,900,000 active players on iOS and 5,110,000 active players on Android.

This large user base generates a significant revenue stream for the game.


Marvel Snap Revenue Statistics

What is Marvel Snap’s total revenue?

The total revenue for Marvel Snap stands at an astonishing $70,689,967.

The game saw a notable rise in revenue in November 2022, reaching $9,964,744, following first-month revenue of $3,358,251.

Revenue peaked in December 2022 at $14,207,671 before seeing a gradual decrease.

Despite the decrease, Marvel Snap has consistently generated over $8 million per month, indicating a loyal and spending player base.

What is Marvel Snap’s total revenue on iOS?

Marvel Snap has recorded $39,550,317 in revenue from iOS devices since its launch.

Interestingly, revenue from iOS devices is considerably higher than Android devices, despite just 30% of total downloads coming from iOS.

What is Marvel Snap’s total revenue on Android?

Marvel Snap’s revenue from Android devices is $31,139,650.

This figure accounts for 44% of total revenue. This, again, is surprising considering that 70% of total downloads have been from Android devices.

Marvel Snap Revenue Growth Rate

In April, Marvel Snap recorded $8,523,909 in total revenue across all devices.

Monthly revenue was down 24% against March’s revenue of $11,176,215.

However, this is still a substantial amount of revenue and compares well against the initial months of October ($3,358,251) and November ($9,964,744) last year.

Marvel Snap’s monthly revenue is down from its peak of $14,207,671 in December 2023, indicating what is almost a 40% decline from its best month of revenue.


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