Honkai: Star Rail players call out “ridiculous” tutorial repeats in v2.0 event


As Honkai: Star Rail players dive into the new version 2.0 events, they notice the “ridiculous” repeats in tutorials.

Honkai: Star Rail, or HSR, is a turn-based strategy role-playing game released on April 2023 by HoYoverse, the same creator of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. This game offers players a new take on the multiverse, providing new adventures, stories, and events!

The recent Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 update, released on February 6, 2024, includes new characters like Black Swan and Misha, light cones, and events in which players could participate. Some events introduced were Dreamchaser Bulletin, Dreamjolt TV, Penacony Food Fest, and Hanu’s Prison Break.

While doing the story quest, players were instructed on the different mechanics of Hanu’s Prison Break. The event can only be accessed if the players have completed the story. A Trailblazer took their frustrations to Reddit after noticing they were getting a tutorial again.

Players have stated that the event could be unlocked once you’ve finished “A Child’s Dream.” When they completed the quest, they were already knowledgeable about the Hanu’s Prison Break mini-game mechanics. Some Trailblazers proposed that having a simple check if they already completed the tutorial would be helpful in the future.

Another situation occurred in which players encountered the same tutorial twice on how to walk up walls in the game, taught by Black Swan. Players have speculated that this was geared towards Acheron, who has forgotten how to do it. While some believe this is mostly for reminding and guiding the players, there are theories on why Black Swan had to repeat it for Acheron.

Back in the dream, Acheron taught us how to walk up the walls, but when we were back in reality, she “forgot.” As stated in a reply, the whole “I forgot” issue of Acheron is quite suspicious. Players theorized how she could be linked to Terminus, the Aeon of Finality, and experience events in reverse order. The “second time” that we hear the tutorial from Black Swan may be the first one Acheron heard, which was why she was able to teach us the first time we met her.

Honkai: Star Rail Hanu
Honkai: Star Rail players call out "ridiculous" tutorial repeats in v2.0 event 1
Walking up wall mechanics (Dweeby)

Other players hinted that the newest Honkai: Star Rail update must’ve been really great, as these are the types of problems that Trailblazers are complaining about. These tutorials can still come in handy for those who choose to speedrun through the story and not pay attention to these instructions.

Either way, the new Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 definitely brings a lot of content for the players to enjoy. This is especially true for the many events, rich storylines, characters, and rewards they could experience!

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