Honkai: Star Rail reveals Robin as new Harmony character coming in 2.2 update


Honkai: Star Rail’s upcoming 2.2 update will introduce a fascinating new character, Robin.

Honkai: Star Rail continues to expand its universe with intriguing characters and captivating stories. This turn-based RPG allows players to explore vast worlds, battling enemies with a team of unique characters, each bringing their combat types and abilities into play.

The latest buzz in the Honkai: Star Rail community centers around adding a new playable character. Robin, the upcoming playable character, is set to debut in the 2.2 update and her arrival is highly anticipated among players.

Robin is a 5-star Physical Harmony character. She is a Halovian singer with a fascinating background who has captured the hearts of fans across the cosmos with her music. Born in Penacony, she rose to cosmic fame with elegance and talent.

Now, she returned to her home and was invited by The Family to perform at the Harmony Festival. Utilizing the power of Harmony, Robin can broadcast her music, creating “resonance” not only among her fans but other lifeforms.

The Honkai: Star Rail EN Twitter/ X teased fans with a glimpse into Robin’s character: “Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication” Robin, revealing her dedication to self-improvement and hinting at her role in the upcoming Charmony Festival.

With English voice acting by Alice Himora, Japanese voice acting by Kaori Nazuka, and song vocals by Chevy, Robin is poised to be a character that blends supportive capabilities with a rich backstory.

Honkai: Star Rail reveals Robin as new Harmony character coming in 2.2 update 1
Robin (right) in the Penacony story quest (Level Push)

Robin will officially join the roster in the 2.2 update, with fans eagerly awaiting the launch of version 2.2 to experience her unique abilities and storyline.

Her introduction adds depth to the game’s expansive universe and provides players with new strategies and compositions to explore in battle.

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