Honkai: Star Rail Penacony Update

The secret ending of the Penacony quest in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 has left the game’s community in utter disbelief. This article contains spoilers!

In the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, players are accustomed to uncovering hidden layers and secrets. However, the recently discovered secret ending in the Penacony quest has set a new standard for unexpected twists.

The game, known for its intricate narratives and deep lore, has once again surprised its fanbase with a storyline that deviates significantly from the main path, leaving players to ponder the implications.

The Whodunit ending, the primary conclusion of the Penacony quest, already presented a complex narrative. Players followed Aventurine, uncovering a profound truth that threatened to overturn the entire Penacony. This ending was impactful in its own right, leading players through a series of revelations and confrontations. However, the secret ending takes a markedly different turn, offering a darker, more unsettling resolution.

This alternative ending, discovered by players during the 2.0 update, has ignited a storm of reactions among the community. A video clip shared by one user, titled “New Bad Ending in Penacony,” featured what would happen if we didn’t follow Aventurine and chose to leave without knowing the truth.

This ending clip dramatically showcased the unsettling moment when players are abruptly returned to the game’s start screen after not choosing to follow the normal storyline and the credits roll. The option to explore this secret ending vanishes, leaving no choice but to proceed with the standard narrative.

This unexpected reset, reminiscent of a twist found in horror games, has significantly heightened the intrigue and speculative discussions within the player base, especially since it is a direct consequence of diverging from the expected path.

One player described this secret ending as “creepy as f***,” comparing it to unsettling game endings where something sinister lurks behind the scenes. This ending avoids the truth of what happened and things went smoothly whereas it is very different from the reality. 

Another player likened it to being trapped in a never-ending dream, a horror movie trope where the facade of happiness masks a darker reality. This sentiment was echoed by another, who mused, “It’s like giving up finding the harsh truth to end up in delusion ‘never awaken from this dream.'”

byu/benja_cxmin from discussion

The community has also delved into theories about the ending’s implications, with one player proposing that the Traveler never woke up from their first dream, suggesting that the entire Penacony experience might be an illusion.

Another comment suggested that by never exposing the IPC, the Family’s secrets remain hidden, trapping everyone in a dream state of blissful ignorance, a scenario eerily reminiscent of dystopian narratives.

Amidst this unsettling discovery, there’s mention of another secret ending within Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.0, hinting at the developers’ penchant for embedding deeply hidden content within the game. These narrative layers enrich the game’s world and encourage players to explore every possibility, no matter how obscure.

The secret Penacony quest ending contrasts sharply with the more straightforward Whodunit ending, showcasing Honkai: Star Rail’s commitment to storytelling diversity. It leaves players grappling with themes of reality versus illusion and the consequences of ignorance versus the pursuit of truth.

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