Honkai: Star Rail announces mysterious first anniversary gift for players

Honkai: Star Rail announces mysterious first anniversary gift for players 1

Honkai: Star Rail has teased the release of a new mysterious gift for players on the game’s first birthday!

Honkai: Star Rail is a strategic gacha role-playing game (RPG) developed by miHoYo and published worldwide by HoYoverse. It is the latest addition to the Honkai series, known for its rich storytelling, vibrant characters, and engaging gameplay.

The game expands its universe further, setting players on a journey through space aboard the Astral Express. They would meet characters on various planets with their lore, offering a unique experience combining exploration, strategy, and narrative.

As Honkai: Star Rail’s first anniversary approaches on April 26, 2024, the game has many events and rewards planned for the big day. Besides the already announced and released anniversary rewards, there is another mystery gift in store for Trailblazers!

Honkai: Star Rail announces mysterious first anniversary gift for players 2
Honkai: Star Rail gift for April 26 (Level Push)

HoYolab is currently hosting its One-Year Anniversary Carnival, “A Chapter of Stars and Dreams,” from April 2 to May 13, 2024 (UTC+8). This includes community events that players could participate in.

The community events in which players could participate are Anniversary Cake-Making, Anniversary Greeting Card, and One-Year Anniversary Keywords, with the last event being Honkai: Star Rail’s One Year Anniversary mystery gift.

The One Year Anniversary event on HoYolab states, “Everyone will get gifts on the day of Honkai: Star Rail’s birthday! Stay tuned!” Trailblazers will have to wait for April 26 to know what the mystery gift would be.

Many players have been speculating about the mystery anniversary gift. Some say it might be more Stellar Jades or even a free Aventurine. There are those who believe that it may just be another HoYolab cosmetic as it was from Mimo, HoYolab’s mascot.

The original poster shared that there’s an in-game notification that states, “A mysterious first anniversary community gift from Mimo! Unlocked on 04/26. Rewards await for all!” They believe that this is an additional reward on top of the 1,600 Stellar Jades as it’s a HoYolab event and that every reward in the events was listed besides this. They believed that if it was just the 1,600, there would be no reason to hide what players were getting.

As there is no further information on the mysterious first-anniversary gift, players will have to patiently wait for April 26 to unveil its contents. Until then, Honkai: Star Rail players may enjoy the free 20 pulls they can get now!

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