Honkai: Star Rail leaker hits back at devs by claiming leaks benefit players

Honkai: Star Rail leaker hits back at devs by claiming leaks benefit players 1

One of Honkai: Star Rail’s leakers reacted to how the devs called them out during the 2.1 livestream.

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based strategy role-playing game developed by miHoYo and published globally by HoYoverse. The game was first released on April 26, 2023, and will have its first anniversary soon filled with rewards and events.

Many Honkai: Star Rail fans appreciate the game’s rich and immersive world and storyline, as well as the wonderful characters with a sense of depth and personality. This is why they tune in to the Special Programs the game hosts for each update.

Honkai: Star Rail hosted its Special Program for version 2.1 on March 16, 2024, where they tackled topics such as new warp banners and skill previews for Acheron, Aventurine, Gallagher, and the upcoming new events.

Near the end of the livestream, they had a question-and-answer session. They discussed topics like March 7th’s possible transformation and seeing future content before the official release online.

During the livestream, Shaoji, the narrative designer for the Honkai series, shared: “Version 2.0 has already been released, and by now, I’m sure everyone knows that in terms of characters, storyline, stages, and gameplay, we’ve prepared a lot of surprises, both big and small,” He continued, “Among these surprises, there may be deceitful narratives, as well as twists and revelations.”

The dev team hoped everything would go as planned until he shared, “But in September 2023, it wasn’t as ideal as we hoped. It leaked out in a very terrible way—an ignorant, savage, crude way.” This was when the Penacony storyline was leaked, affecting the players and the devs.

A Reddit user shared the translated response of a leaker called _OP-Timi-sym_: “If players don’t support leakers, then who? Why should they support the official team? Since when did consumers and capital stand on the same side?”

They continued, “This is a kind of moral high ground. Players water or read leakers because they want to know more high-quality content. Players support the official and also hope to get a better experience when obtaining content. In the end, it is for their own good.”

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A Honkai: Star Rail player shared their thoughts, stating that the leaker didn’t get the memo as the call-out wasn’t about capital. They shared that the devs worked hard to create an excellent story, only for someone to spread it online, ruining the surprise. They further clarified that the developers had a problem with story leaks and didn’t address the gameplay and banner leaks.

The Reddit user acknowledged that everyone has the free will to watch leaks if they want to, but found it annoying that they would also freely discuss them in comments and posts when others are trying to avoid them.

While it can be helpful to know which characters will have warp banners in the future Honkai: Star Rail updates to save up Stellar Jades, story leaks can ruin the build-up of the game’s narrative.

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