Honkai: Star Rail’s March 7th to have own unique Path system

Honkai: Star Rail's March 7th to have own unique Path system 1

Honkai: Star Rail’s developers revealed that March 7th may have her own unique Path system in the future.

Honkai: Star Rail is a strategy turn-based role-playing game in which players can travel to different planets and meet new characters. It was developed by miHoYo and published globally by HoYoverse, the same creators behind popular games such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd.

The game recently had its version 2.1 livestream on March 16, 2024, during which developers revealed the upcoming new characters and events. They had a question-and-answer portion where they also addressed the story leaks that occurred in version 2.0.

During the same question-and-answer session, they were asked: “When will March 7th transform?” It is known that March 7th is the game’s mascot, as evident in her being the icon for PC, mobile, and other platforms.

Shaoji, the narrative designer for the Honkai series, answered the question: “Her background seems to suggest that there’s a lot of hidden secrets and a huge story related to her. While we might think it’s okay to drag out this process, for players who love March 7th, there might be some good news as of now.”

He continued, “Remember that we have a system in the game that is exclusive to the Trailblazer? It’s switching to a different Path, right? And because Honkai: Star Rail has always been making new attempts and explorations in the RPG genre, we believe that the members of the Crew are a very special presence in this game.”

Shaoji revealed that in 2024, they would try this new thing. “That is, for March 7th, she will have a system similar to switching Paths that is unique to her. But for her, it might not be walking on a new Path, but rather creating memories. For this girl, who doesn’t know where she came from, she’s creating her own memories in different places and gaining strength through these memories, as the Express trailblazes one stop after another on the trailblazing journey.”

The narrative designer urged the players to look forward to the day March 7th can use her memories to propel her into a brand-new future.

Honkai: Star Rail March 7th

It’s exciting to know that March 7th may add new mechanics to her gameplay. I speculate that her constant photo-taking would play a huge part in her memory-Path switching. Trailblazers could also look forward to possible unique gameplay for the other Express crew members, such as Himeko and Welt!

There’s yet to be any announcement when March 7th will have this Path-switching mechanic, but definitely look out for further Honkai: Star Rail updates here on Level Push! What do you think of March 7th’s possible transformation?

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