Helldivers 2 fans demand Stalwart’s return to primary weapon slot amid balance issues

Helldivers 2 fans demand Stalwart's return to primary weapon slot amid balance issues 1

Helldivers 2’s community is rallying for the Stalwart to reclaim its spot as a primary weapon, citing balance concerns.

Helldivers 2, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, launched as a third-person shooter and quickly became a hit with its engaging cooperative gameplay and strategic depth. The sequel expanded on the original’s top-down shooter mechanics, offering players a vast arsenal of weapons and equipment to tackle alien threats.

Among these weapons is the M-105 Stalwart, a light machine gun favored for balancing firepower and mobility. However, a significant change from its predecessor has sparked debate within the community: the Stalwart’s relegation to a Stratagem and support weapon slot, diverging from its primary weapon status in the first game.

The shift has not gone unnoticed, with players voicing their opinions on online platforms like Reddit. One user highlighted that the Stalwart is taking a Stratagem slot and support weapon slot and performing worse than its competitor, MG-43. As Stalwart doesn’t have armor penetration, it has a big competition in the support weapon slot.

Many feel Stalwart’s current positioning in the game’s meta hinders its potential, suggesting that moving Stalwart back to the primary weapon slot could alleviate these issues.

Critics argue that Stalwart’s large magazine and adjustable rate of fire made it a unique and enjoyable choice in Helldivers, trading accuracy and handling for the sheer volume of fire.

One player proposed that with minor adjustments to Stalwart’s stats, it would be a great alternative to Liberator, highlighting the weapon’s fun factor despite its inefficiencies.

However, not everyone agrees with this shift. Some players believe that making the Stalwart a primary weapon would instantly elevate it to the best in its class, overshadowing other options.

The debate underscores a broader discussion on weapon balance and diversity in Helldivers 2, with fans eager to see adjustments as Helldivers initially had Stalwart as a primary weapon in the first installment. 

Arrowhead Game Studios has yet to respond to the community’s feedback, but the passionate discussion highlights the game’s dynamic and engaged player base. Whether or not the Stalwart will see a change in its status remains to be noticed, but the debate itself is a testament to Helldivers 2’s complex and rewarding gameplay.

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