Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List: Best Primary Weapons Ranked & Explained (April 2024)

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Looking to get your hands on the best weapons in Helldivers 2? Our Weapon Tier List ranks every weapon in Helldivers 2, so you can crush enemies in this hectic third-person shooter.

Updated on April 8, 2024: The meta has shifted significantly since Helldivers 2’s successful launch in early February. While the SG 225 Breaker used to be in a tier of its own, it’s now joined by other solid options, including the Scorcher.

We’ve made a handful of changes in April and also provided detailed explanations of why we’ve ranked these weapons the way we have below.

Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List

SSG 225 Breaker, LAS-16 Sickle, PLAS-1 Scorcher
ASG 8 Punisher, Jar-5 Dominator, AR 23 Liberator, Plas-1 Scorcher, AR 23P Liberator Penetrator, R 63CS Diligence Counter Sniper
BMP 98 Knight, AR 23E Liberator Explosive, R 63 Diligence
CSG 225IE Breaker Incendiary, SG-8S Slugger
DLAS-5 Scythe, SG 225SP Breaker SpraynPray,

Looking to learn more about the weapons? Either click on the weapons listed above or keep reading to read our explanations.

Helldivers 2 Best Weapons Ranked & Explained

There’s no doubt about it. Some Helldivers 2 weapons are far better than others. We’ve ranked the best weapons in Helldivers 2 below.

Best Primary Weapons in Helldivers 2

1. SG 225 Breaker

In the vast arsenal of Helldivers 2, the SG 225 Breaker shines as the crown jewel, earning its place at the pinnacle of our S-Tier list.

This automatic shotgun is not just any weapon; it’s a game-changer. Perfect for those who venture into the higher difficulties, the Breaker’s unparalleled damage output makes it the go-to choice for any Helldiver aiming to dominate the battlefield.

Unlike its counterparts, the Breaker boasts a unique combination of firepower, range, and the ability to fire unstoppable rounds thanks to its flechette upgrades, allowing it to effortlessly pierce through the hordes of enemies.

What sets the SG 225 Breaker apart and cements its top-tier status is its versatility and reliability in clutch situations. Whether you’re facing down charging Meatsaws or a swarm of unarmoured foes, the Breaker’s capacity to clear threats with minimal magazine expenditure is unmatched.

Its recommendation comes not just from its raw power but from its ability to save your team in nearly every scenario imaginable. With the Breaker in hand, you’re equipped with the best weapon in Helldivers 2, a title it truly deserves for its unrivaled performance in the heat of battle.

So, if you’re past the extreme difficulty, the SG 225 Breaker isn’t just a choice; it’s the only choice.

2. SMG 37 Defender

The SMG 37 Defender, a true unsung hero of Helldivers 2, secures its well-deserved spot right next to the top in our S-Tier.

This gem stands out for its exceptional accuracy, making it arguably the most precise gun in the game, aside from the energy-based Scythe. With a damage output of 70 per shot and a generous 45-round magazine, the Defender is not just about raw power; it’s about precision and versatility.

Its slightly slower fire rate compared to the assault rifle is a small price to pay for its accuracy and the unique ability to be used one-handed, making it indispensable in missions requiring data uploads or carrying objects.

What propels the SMG 37 Defender to the upper echelons of our Helldivers 2 weapon tier list is not just its performance against light targets but its surprising effectiveness against automatons. Its precision allows for targeting weak spots with ease, ensuring that you stay on target with minimal effort.

If the SG 225 Breaker didn’t exist, the Defender could easily have been the top pick for the best weapon in Helldivers 2. For those who’ve unlocked it but haven’t given it a chance, you’re missing out on a weapon that could significantly enhance your combat effectiveness, especially in the more demanding skirmishes.

3. SG 8 Punisher

At the top of our A tier, we’ve placed the SG 8 Punisher, a weapon that strikes a fine balance between firepower and precision.

This pump-action shotgun, known for its substantial stopping power, may not unleash shells as rapidly as some would like, but what it lacks in speed, it more than compensates with the damage it delivers.

The Punisher’s distinctive feature is its manual reload of each shell, a trait that, while time-consuming, allows for a sizable 16-shell capacity, ensuring you’re rarely caught empty-handed.

The reason the SG 8 Punisher doesn’t quite reach the S tier, despite its admirable qualities, is its slower rate of fire and the meticulous reload process, which can be a bit cumbersome in the heat of battle.

However, it’s this very weapon’s capability to dish out massive damage to single targets and its effectiveness at mid-range that secures its spot as a top-tier choice. Ideal for players who prefer a methodical approach to combat, the Punisher is a testament to the fact that sometimes, precision and power are worth the wait.

Whether you’re leveling up or just looking for a reliable firearm that packs a punch, the SG 8 Punisher is a weapon you’ll want in your arsenal.

4. AR 23 Liberator

The AR-23 Liberator claims the #2 spot in our A-tier list, and for good reason. As one of the first weapons you’ll get your hands on in Helldivers 2, it’s the quintessential all-rounder assault rifle that’s reliable and powerful enough to tackle most threats you’ll face.

Its charm lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, boasting a decent rate of fire and a stable shooting experience thanks to upgrades like the Recoil Absorber and Extended Magazine, which bump its ammo capacity from 30 to a more generous 45 rounds.

Why does it sit so high on our list, you ask? Beyond its user-friendly design, which makes it a solid choice for newcomers, the Liberator’s versatility cannot be overstated. Whether you’re laying down short, controlled bursts or taking advantage of its upgraded bayonet for close-quarters combat, this weapon has you covered.

Its balanced attributes ensure you’re well-equipped for a variety of situations, making it a staple in any Helldiver’s arsenal. While it might not have the specialized appeal of higher-tier weapons, its reliability and accessibility place it firmly among the best weapons in Helldivers 2.

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