Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained 1

If you’re diving into the world of Helldivers 2, you’ve probably heard about its kernel-level anti-cheat system, nProtect GameGuard.

This sophisticated tool has stirred discussions within the gaming community, especially concerning its deep system integration and post-uninstallation persistence. Let’s break down what nProtect GameGuard is, why it’s significant, and how you can manage it as a Helldivers 2 player.

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat explained

What is nProtect GameGuard?

nProtect GameGuard is an anti-cheat system designed to operate at the kernel level of a player’s operating system. By working so closely with the system’s core, it aims to detect and prevent cheating mechanisms that could undermine the integrity of Helldivers 2. Kernel-level anti-cheat systems like nProtect are known for their thoroughness but also raise concerns about privacy and system performance.

Why nProtect GameGuard for Helldivers 2?

The developers of Helldivers 2 have chosen nProtect GameGuard to ensure a fair and competitive environment for all players. Given the game’s cooperative and strategic nature, maintaining an even playing field is crucial.

However, the choice of a kernel-level anti-cheat has led to mixed reactions from the community, primarily due to its invasive nature and the issues associated with uninstalling the game.

How to Uninstall nProtect GameGuard

Open Steam and locate Helldivers 2

To start with the uninstallation process, you should first find the folder where the game files are located. To locate the folder, open Steam and locate Helldivers 2 in your Steam Library.

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained 2
Locate ‘Browse local files’ in Helldivers 2 (TroubleChute)

Locate nProtect GameGuard

Once you have accessed the game files from the first step, you can now find your way to locate nProtect GameGuard. Click on ‘tools’ and you’ll see the gguninstaller.exe.

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained 3
nProtect GameGuard App Location (TroubleChute)

Uninstall nProtect GameGuard

Click on ‘gguninst.exe’ and then you’ll be prompted with a window about the uninstallation of nProtect GameGuard. Click on ‘Yes.’ This will start the uninstallation process and wait for it to finish uninstalling.

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained 4
Click ‘Yes’ to start uninstalling nProtect GameGuard (TroubleChute)

Review Bombing and Community Reaction

The inclusion of nProtect Game Guard upon installation of Helldivers 2 has led to review bombing on Steam, a reaction fueled by concerns over privacy and system integrity. Some of the criticism may be warranted, especially in the context of anti-cheat systems’ notorious history.

Helldivers 2 Kernel Anticheat: nProtect GameGuard explained 5
Steam Review about Helldivers 2 using GameGuard (Helldivers 2)

Other comments from Reddit questioned why the game even needs anti-Cheat when it is a PvE game. They were also concerned regarding compatibility issues and a call for the developers to reconsider the use of nProtect GameGuard, citing the potential for alternative solutions that could avoid the negative aspects of nProtect GameGuard while still ensuring fair play and security for Helldivers 2.

byu/ArrowheadGS from discussion

It’s crucial to recognize the steps taken by Helldivers 2 developers to address these concerns. The game’s attempt to ensure a clean uninstallation process for its anti-cheat system demonstrates a commitment to balancing security needs with user rights.

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Watch TroubleChute’s explanation about Helldiver 2’s nProtect GameGuard and how to uninstall.

Helldivers 2 employs nProtect GameGuard to maintain a cheat-free gaming experience. Although its kernel-level operation has raised eyebrows, the developers have taken significant steps to mitigate potential issues, ensuring that players can focus on what’s most important: enjoying the game.

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