Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 1

Paragons are the true might if you want to dominate Boss Bloons easily. If you’re wondering which Paragon reigns over the others, here’s our list of the best Paragon Towers in Bloons TD6!

Bloons TD6 is a game that lets you embrace the different powers of the Monkeys to defeat incoming Bloons that try to take over your base. While most Monkey defense towers already pack a punch against MOABs, the Paragons take the popping power to the next level.

If Heroes aim to help you as you start, the Paragons take you to late-game achievements. And if you’re looking for ways and combinations to defeat all Boss challenges easily, the Paragon is the way to go. 

We’ve ranked the Paragon towers based on popping power, flexibility in maps, and price on this list. If you’re ready to conquer all Bloons TD6 Bosses, read the ranking below!

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 2

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List

SApex Plasma Master, Navarch of the Seas
AAscended Shadow, Goliath Doomship 
BNautic Siege Core, Magus Perfectus
CMaster Builder, Glaive Dominus

Bloons TD6 Paragon Ranking 

8. Master Builder (Monkey Engineer)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 3

Many Bloons TD6 fans were excited to hear that a Support-type Tower is getting a Paragon upgrade. However, the Master Builder sadly did not live up to the hype. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of a Master Builder is its high price point. This Paragon upgrade costs a whopping $702k on Hard Mode, making it the third most expensive upgrade in the game. Given its cost, many would expect a whopping damage from this defense tower, but unfortunately, it underperforms in this department. 

While the Master Builder’s sentries can still pack some punch, they ultimately pale in comparison to other Paragon options. 

7. Glaive Dominus (Boomerang)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 4

The Boomerang Monkey is my personal favorite defensive tower, ranking only second to the Banana Farm based on how much I use it in my game. Despite being my beloved tower, the Glaive Dominus is a C-tier at best as a Paragon unit. 

The Boomerang Monkey’s final form has been recently buffed and deals nearly twice the damage of an Apex Plasma Master of the same level. Aside from its DPS, the Glaive Dominus also grants increased attack speed to all primary towers, making it good to mix with Tack Shooters and Bomb Towers. 

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 5
Maps with Roundabouts like Resort can be a good place to prove Glaive Dominus’ power

While the Glaive Dominus packs a good punch, its downside is its small range. It is not as “flexible” as other Paragons and depends highly on the map you play. This tower excels on maps with chokepoints and repeating roundabouts, such as the Resort or Cubism.

6. Nautic Siege Core (Submarine)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 6

The Nautic Siege Core is the newest tower to receive the Paragon treatment. The Submarine Monkey’s upgrade is a good DPS dealer and also a great support, depending on your gameplay demands. 

While being a “support” doesn’t come to mind when thinking of Paragons, the Submarine’s top level has the capability to buff attack speed and pierce of nearby towers. That said, the Nautic Siege Core may not be the Paragon you’re looking for if you’re searching for the “best” unit.

This Paragon features a “nuke” capability that deals massive damage to Bloons. But honestly, given its “nuclear” label, I would’ve expected more popping power from this tower. 

Unlike other Paragons, this tower is less capable of being a “solo carry” and would still depend on other towers or Paragons to do most of the popping. 

5. Magus Perfectus (Wizard)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 7

If you’re a Bloons TD6 long-time enthusiast, you know that the Magus Perfectus is a dream come true for many fans. 

Unlike other Paragons, the Magus Perfectus is a more “active” Paragon, with most of its damage coming from its ability. It is also among the first towers (aside from hero Corvus) to feature the “Mana” concept in BTD6. 

This Paragon has two attack modes—one focusing on conserving mana with a lower damage output and one mana-consuming offensive attack. My favorite ability is the Phoenix Explosion, which detonates to incinerate all Bloons on sight. This ability also activates the ability that “resurrects” Bloons, which now works in your favor. 

You may be wondering why a powerful unit like the Magus Perfectus doesn’t appear on the A or S-tiers. However, this tower is made for more competitive BTD 6 players who want to set personal goals and records, not the average fan. It also has a higher price tag, which may be unrealistic to achieve on some Boss challenge settings.

4. Ascended Shadow (Ninja)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 8

The Ninja Monkey’s darkest form opens up our higher-tier Paragons. The Ascended Shadow is like two Paragons packed into one—it possesses the wide range of the Apex Plasma Master while retaining the Glaive Dominus’s DPS level. 

There are many things to cover when it comes to the Ascended Shadow. First, as it retains most of the powers of its constituent towers, this Paragon packs many MOAB-dedicated abilities and passives that would make your game much easier. 

To quickly sum up some of these abilities, this Paragon sticks a bomb on the strongest MOABs, grants all defensive towers Camo Detection, and its ability makes all Bloons to spawn with 25% less HP (excluding the BAD.) 

With these abilities, the Ascended Shadow is a must-pick for late-game runs and Boss challenges. 

3. Goliath Doomship (Monkey Ace)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 9

We’ve covered Paragons that defend the land and the seas – now it’s time to cover the one that defends the skies! The Goliath Doomship is a great upgrade to the already overpowered Monkey Ace, and could easily help you dominate rounds beyond Level 100. 

This Paragon Tower is great for maps with multiple entryways and exits. Think of advanced maps where you have at least three entryways to watch without many common chokepoints. That is where the Goliath Doomship truly shines. 

Most of the perks of using this Paragon come from the traits of the Monkey Ace. This tower comes in handy for some Boss Bloons, specifically the Vortex, where the boss can stun nearby defensive towers. You can place the Goliath Doomship in a faraway area on the map, and it will not be stunned by the Boss in any way. 

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 10

Moreover, this Paragon’s ability and bombs can also easily obliterate maps with chokepoints, making it excel in flexibility. The only caveat of the Goliath Doomship’s capabilities, at least for me, is its high price point, making it nearly impossible to obtain before Level 100. 

2. Apex Plasma Master (Dart Monkey)

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 11

You should never underestimate Dart Monkey’s ultimate form. While the Dart Monkey is the cheapest and most straightforward defense tower in the game, its evolutions and upgrades readily bring immense DPS to your gameplay. 

The Apex Plasma Master is my personal favorite for Boss Battles due to its affordability and synergy with heavily walled and obstructed maps. 

This Paragon only costs $162k on Hard mode, while the next “cheapest” tower costs nearly twice its worth. Considering its cost, it is easier to build an Apex Plasma Master by Tier 4 Boss rounds rather than wait for a late-game upgrade with other Paragons. The Dart Monkey’s ability to have four Tier 5 towers (double Crossbow Masters) also gives it a higher starting level than other Paragons. 

It mimics the capability of the Ultra Juggernaut’s spiky balls, which rebound off of obstacles for multiple hits—only much faster and stronger. While lower-ranked Paragons are undeniably “stronger” in terms of popping power, I personally prefer Apex Plasma Master due to how easy it is to max out even on game modes with restricted cash flow. 

This tower does well in defeating Bloonarius, Vortex, and could be a late-game killer for the Dreadbloon if you have other towers to conquer its first phase. 

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 12

Reigning on top of the Paragon list is the Navarch of the Seas. While many Bloons TD6 may have personal preference over other rankings on the list, it is safe to say that most (if not all) of you will agree on the Monkey Buccaneer’s top placement. 

Bloons TD6 Paragon Towers Tier List: All Paragon Towers Ranked 13

The Navarch’s pull-down ability, which works even on the strongest MOABs, is incredibly overpowered. If you’re looking to beat your record on your longest game or farm black-border maps, this Paragon is all you need. The pull-down ability works twice each round and can easily eliminate any threatening MOABs on its own. 

Beyond the Paragon’s extreme DPS capability, farming during early levels is also a good game strategy. If you’re playing on maps with mostly water areas, it’s a good idea to stack up on Favored Trades to boost your economy. The pull-down ability is also present on the Monkey Pirate (middle tier) upgrade, making it easy to erase any MOABs coming your way.

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  1. Monkey Bucaneer is my favorite tower, it’s easy to get in the beginning for both camo and lead protection with a wide ranged attack, and then the 0-5-2 ability is absolutely unmatched, then the paragon is undeniably the strongest. Great Tower!

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