Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 1

In Bloons TD6, it takes a hero to save the day! If you’re wondering who’s best to call for the most challenging Bloons TD6 maps, we’ve listed the top-performing heroes in this article.

It’s time to go bananas with one of the best tower defense games in the world! If you’re a fan of TD classic titles like Plants vs. Zombies or contemporary contenders like Arknights, you’ll surely love Bloons TD6. 

Whether you’re a fan of laid-back gameplay or looking to farm the most elusive achievements in the game, Bloons TD6 is a good title to acquire. Among the game’s unique features are the Heroes, a specialized defense tower with special abilities that could greatly aid your way to victory. 

We’ve ranked the best heroes below based on their flexibility in Boss gameplay, special map settings, and late-round games. Let’s see who reigns in the ranking of the best monkeys!

Updated April 2024: We’ll update this list based on the most recent patch, new bosses, and new maps of all difficulties. Let’s see how the newest Bloons TD6 Hero, Corvus, ranks against his peers!

SSauda, Benjamin
AAdora, Geraldo, Etienne, Corvus
BPat Fusty, Obyn Greenfoot, Striker Jones
CAdmiral Brickell, Gwendolin, Psi
DEzili, Quincy, Captain Churchill

Bloons TD6 Best Hero Ranking 

15. Quincy

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 2

Quincy does great as a beginner Hero. As a “free” hero that you get during the tutorial, there is not much you can ask for from this marksman. Consider him the trustworthy defense unit you need for Camo detection and a fast fire rate. His greatest strengths include the triple-damage boost to MOABs at Level 8 and the high attack speed at late levels. 

The Storm of Arrows special ability creates AoE damage; while it can cause up to 90 damage on special occasions, this pales compared to what other heroes offer. 

Given his cheap coin cost, you get what you pay for with Quincy. He is versatile but doesn’t offer much in terms of defeating Boss MOABs or being a late-game specialist.

14. Ezili

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 3

Regrowing balloons (heart-shaped balloons) are among the most frustrating enemies in the game. They also happen to be the focus of Ezili’s early-game abilities. While this may be a promising feature, it doesn’t do much regarding late-game advantage or being a “win condition” for Boss Bloons.

While Ezili’s kit is far from weak, she falls short of being compatible with harder gameplays like Impoppable, CHIMPS, and hard-challenge Boss Balloon. Her Sacrificial Totem drains ten lives, which is nearly useless for game modes where you cannot lose any lives. 

13. Captain Churchill

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 4

Captain Churchill is the only hero with in-game costs exceeding 2000 coins. Given his exceptionally high price tag, you would typically expect more from his kit. While his fierce face and tank body can be intimidating, his excellent character design does not translate well on the battlefield. 

His multiple-damage shells are a great start, but they don’t scale well compared to the necessary DPS level by level 70 and above. Captain Churchill also relies on timing his abilities, specifically the MOAB Barrage, which may confuse beginner players. 

12. Admiral Brickell

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 5

Our second uniformed monkey on the list, Admiral Brickell, applies her navy expertise to Bloons TD6’s water maps. However, her strength is also her kryptonite—this Hero does well in maps that feature most water spaces almost exclusively.

If you’re ready to set sail on vast seas and lagoons, such as the Spice Islands or Off the Coast, Admiral Brickell is one of your top bets. In addition to her Sea Mines, which can damage Bloons, this fierce Admiral also buffs nearby water defense towers. 

While this hero is a strong contender in her territory, many other heroes do better on more maps and complicated game settings, hence her placement. 

11. Gwendolin

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 6

Gwendolin may not be as specialized as the heroes mentioned above, but her versatility elevates her to a higher position on the list. This “pyromaniac” may not be an obvious pick at first glance, but her true strength shines as she gains a nearly exponential power spike in late-game scenarios. 

Aside from her ability to burn all Bloons on sight, Gwendolin is more of a “support-class” hero as she buffs all Monkeys on the map. If you’re looking to build high-DPS Monkey towers like the M.A.D. Dartling Gunner or The Flying Fortress Monkey Ace, Gwendolin may do wonders of pushing these defense towers to their true limits. 

10. Psi

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 7

Are you tired of walled maps where your piercing power can’t seem to pop the Bloons? If you’re facing a heavily-obstructed map like High Finance, Encrypted, or Workshop, a “universal” popper like Psi may be your best bet. 

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 8

What this hero lacks in popping power, they make up for in range. Psi completely disregards the line of sight and relies on the “power of the mind” to destroy Bloons from any point of the map. While Psi starts with a slow popping rate, their attack speed eventually catches up during the late game. 

One of Psi’s abilities, Psionic Scream, easily eliminates all Bloons on the screen in a snap. This ability can also instakill ZOMGs and the “insanely fast and insanely Camo” DDTs, making it handy in late-game runs. 

9. Pat Fusty

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 9

If you’re looking for a hero who lets your regular defense tower shine while being an increasingly helpful support unit as the game progresses, look no further than Pat Fusty. As the only Hero (and Monkey) that can be placed on land and water, Pat already has a great advantage out of all the heroes on the list. 

Pat’s strength is on AoE damage with his slam attack, while his first ability buffs nearby Monkeys with extra popping power for a short duration. 

But our favorite, at least based on how “fun” it looks, is when Pat Fusty uses all his might to squeeze MOABs – now that’s a Hero who knows how to put on a show. 

8. Striker Jones

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 10

Are you a fan of using Military Monkeys and the Bomb Shooter? If so, Striker Jones is the Hero for you. As one of the heroes on the affordable side, Striker Jones may not be as high of a damage dealer as other heroes on the list. But the extra buffs he gives Mortar Monkeys and Bomb Shooters are significant. 

Given the popularity of the two towers he buffs, Striker Jones can be a versatile hero for both Boss Bloons gameplay and late-game scenarios. 

7. Obyn Greenfoot

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 11

Obyn is one of the heroes who can easily eliminate lead Bloons. While many players may underestimate his potential due to his limitations, Obyn Greenfoot shines in a horde of Druid Monkeys. 

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 12

If you’re looking for new ways to beat a Boss Bloon for stages where Paragon Towers or your favorite high-damage monkeys are prohibited, you can try your luck with a group of Druid Monkeys and Obyn. Despite this strategy’s latest balances and nerfs, this placement still does insane wonders for late-game and high-HP MOABs. 

6. Etienne

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 13

Etienne’s unique trait is her ability to grant the ability to pop all Camo Bloons without needing Monkey Villages or Camo-dedicated tower upgrades. This makes her a gem for maps where you only have a limited budget or Ranked Boss Bloons mechanics where every level and upgrade of a tower counts. 

This ability means that all your defense towers can easily decimate pesky DDTs or special camo MOABs that may put your late-game runs at risk. Beyond her universal Camo-seeing ability, Etienne’s UCAV is also a game-changer for runs surpassing level 73. 

5. Geraldo

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 14

One of the newer heroes on the list, Geraldo is a unique unit that can aid your planning on Boss rounds and levels. His shop opens up numerous possibilities that can save you on nail-biter situations. These “clutch” items include the Blade Trap and the Rejuv Potion that instantly replenishes 50 lives. 

However, our favorite strategy for the Boss stages is the Rare Quincy Action Figure. If you find yourself on stages where it is impossible to place a good number of Banana Farms or Buccaneers have nowhere to go, this “NFT” is your best way to earn money before the first round of the Boss (Level 40). 

4. Adora

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 15

Think of Adora as the hero version of the Super Monkey. She requires the sacrifice of her fellow Monkeys to unleash her true power. Given this huge toll, you can trust Adora to deal some of the best damage a Hero can do in Bloons TD6. 

Beyond her impeccable DPS capability, Adora’s range is also one of the biggest ranges in heroes, making her a nightmare even for “threatening” levels with overflowing Bloons. 

If you play your cards and sacrifices correctly, Adora’s Ball of Light ability can take down the most monstrous of all Bloons, the B.A.D., with a single hit. 

3. Corvus

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 16

The recently released Bloons TD6 Hero is truly a “meta-shaker.” If you haven’t tried Corvus yet and you’re still sticking to your favorite Hero, you’re missing out. 

Corvus introduces a whole new mechanic in the game – the concept of Mana. While seasoned gamers may be familiar with balancing Mana levels and using them correctly, some casual or laid-back BTD6 gamers may find this too convoluted, hence the lower ranking. 

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 17

Corvus features an extensive list of spells that can be activated anytime (depending on your Mana.) Some of my personal favorites include Repel, which pushes back Bloons, and Trample, which summons spirits throughout the track. 

Unlike other heroes, Corvus needs to be “micromanaged” and is not for passive gamers. You need to designate priority targeting and execute his abilities smartly. However, once you overcome Corvus’ intimidating learning curve, he becomes a mighty unit that can help you break your records in Bloons TD6. 

2. Benjamin

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 18

Unlike other heroes, Benjamin does not directly damage Bloons. But what this Hero lacks in power, he makes up for in your economy. You may be surprised to see a “non-damage dealer” so high on our list, but his flexibility, regardless of the map and game mode, is exceptional. 

Benjamin lets you earn more money per Bloon popped and more coins per round, which rakes up by the late game and lets you avail yourself of higher-damage Monkeys and upgrades earlier in the game. This nearly double income in the early game is nearly necessary for the Boss game mode, where you are forced to battle a strong Bloon by level 40. 

Despite his more laid-back approach to defending the base, his abilities to buff Monkeys and instantly spawn weaker Bloons also come in handy during late games. 

1. Sauda

Bloons TD6 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked 19

Sauda may have the most upfront and uncomplicated mechanic in the game—she just slashes and dices all Bloons that come her way. Despite her simple kit, Sauda is at the top of the list among the heroes and towers in BTD6. 

Sauda’s strength is her ability to “solo” the early game. She can see Camo and fight big waves of Bloons, and her ability even lets her dice through lead Bloons. This lets you focus on the economy with Buccaneers and Banana Farms early on in the game while leaving all the “defense” in Sauda’s capable hands. 

She’s also our top pick for specific game modes like Altenate Bloons Rounds, where Camo Bloons spawn earlier, and Half Cash, given her extremely affordable cost. 

Aside from Levels 28 and 40, where you need to activate her abilities to defeat Lead and MOAB Bloons, Sauda is great for “AFK farming” XP and cash. Make sure to place her in a bend or a loop to maximize her popping power.

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