Best Zeta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024) 


Dive into the ultimate guide on the best Zeta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink! 

This guide is your ticket to mastering Zeta, a dynamic and potent warrior known for her aerial prowess and counterattacks. We’re breaking down the best Weapons, Sigils, and Skills to arm Zeta, ensuring you can easily dominate the skies and your enemies.

Updated on March 10, 2024: We’ve given this guide a thorough update to keep it sharp and practical, just like Zeta’s spear. As of our latest check, Zeta continues to soar in the S-Tier of our rankings, a testament to her unmatched combat skills and agility in Granblue Fantasy Relink. This update includes the latest on her optimal weapon choices, sigils, and skills, aligning with her current meta status. For a deeper dive into how Zeta stacks up against the competition, check out the Granblue Fantasy Relink tier list.

Best Zeta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024)  1
Zeta in Granblue Fantasy Relink (IMDb)

Best Weapons for Charlotta

Each weapon is meticulously selected to enhance Zeta’s prowess on the battlefield. This section breaks down the significance of each weapon choice, ensuring Zeta wields the right spear at the right time.

  • Gisla: Your go-to weapon during the early to mid-game phases. Gisla sets a strong foundation for Zeta, significantly enhancing her critical hit rate. This weapon is crucial for building up Zeta’s damage output early on, ensuring you have a solid base to tackle the challenges ahead.
  • Brionac: As you progress to the late game, Brionac becomes indispensable. Upgrading Brionac to level 150 unlocks Weapon Awakening, boosting Zeta’s power through additional Traits and the Sigil Booster Trait, amplifying all Sigils in your grid. This transition marks a significant power spike in Zeta’s build, preparing her for the most challenging battles.
  • Gae Bulg: The ultimate goal for any Zeta player. The Terminus Weapon, Gae Bulg, offers superior stats and benefits from Weapon Awakening, which is similar to the Ascension Weapon. This weapon represents the pinnacle of Zeta’s combat prowess, offering unmatched damage and utility on the battlefield.

Best Sigils for Zeta

 Sigils are the keystones of Zeta’s build, each chosen to amplify her natural abilities and combat strategy. This guide highlights essential sigils that enhance her offensive capabilities and provide utility and survivability, making her versatile across various combat scenarios.

  • Critical Hit Rate: Maximizes Zeta’s chances to land critical hits, significantly increasing her DPS against foes. Critical hits are a cornerstone of Zeta’s damage output, making this sigil a top priority for her build.
  • Damage Cap: Essential for breaking through the game’s damage limitations, allowing Zeta to unleash her full potential. This sigil is pivotal in maximizing Zeta’s damage output, especially in high-level content where enemies have larger health pools.
  • Tyranny: This sigil enhances Zeta’s aggressive playstyle, boosting her damage output under certain conditions. It’s a strategic choice for players who capitalize on Zeta’s ability to maintain high DPS during extended fights.
  • War Elemental: Adjusts Zeta’s attacks to exploit elemental weaknesses, providing a consistent damage boost. This sigil is particularly useful in combat scenarios, ensuring Zeta’s attacks are consistently effective.
  • Supplementary Damage: Offers a chance for Zeta’s attacks to deal additional damage, complementing her high DPS. This sigil is a game-changer, especially for optimizing Zeta’s loop combos for extra damage points.
  • Autorevive: A safety net that automatically revives Zeta upon taking lethal damage, crucial for maintaining momentum in battle. This sigil is invaluable in tough encounters, providing a second chance to turn the tides in Zeta’s favor.
  • Crimson’s Clout: Specifically boosts the effectiveness of Zeta’s Arvess Fermare attack, making her even more deadly. This sigil is non-negotiable for Zeta, directly enhancing her unique combat advantage.
  • Crimson’s Flight: Makes executing Zeta’s aerial loops easier, significantly improving her combat fluidity and effectiveness. This quality-of-life improvement is a must-have for mastering Zeta’s aerial dominance.

Best Skills for Zeta

Always include these three Skills in your arsenal. These skills are fundamental to Zeta’s high DPS gameplay:

  • Spear of Arvess: A foundational skill for initiating combat, allowing Zeta to close gaps and start her high-damage combos. This skill is crucial for positioning and setting the stage for her devastating aerial assaults.
  • Infinite Wonders: Fires a multi-hit beam that inflicts Arvess Fermare, enhancing subsequent damage. This skill is essential for applying a debuff that amplifies Zeta’s attack power against afflicted enemies, making it a staple in her rotation.
  • Vengeful Flames: Grants supplementary damage, pivotal for maximizing Zeta’s DPS during her combo loops. This buff is a cornerstone for any Zeta build, enhancing her overall damage output and effectiveness in combat.
  • Thousand Flames: Deals explosive damage and inflicts burn, adding a strategic layer to Zeta’s attack patterns. This skill offers utility by removing buffs from foes, making it versatile for various combat scenarios.

For the fourth skill slot, choose between these two based on the situation. Each provides unique utility and strategic advantages.

  • Wingclipper: Delivers a three-strike combo that can paralyze, providing crowd control. This skill adds to Zeta’s utility, allowing her to immobilize key targets and disrupt enemy formations.
  • Rain of Fury: Summons a volley of spears that reduces enemy attack power, combining damage with debuffing. This skill is valuable for weakening foes, making them less threatening while enhancing Zeta’s survivability.

By meticulously selecting the right Weapons, Sigils, and Skills for Zeta, you can unlock her full combat potential in Granblue Fantasy Relink. This build maximizes her damage output and ensures she remains versatile and resilient against the varied challenges the game presents.

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