Granblue Fantasy Relink Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (April 2024)


Delving into Granblue Fantasy: Relink, you’re probably wondering who the best characters to bring on your adventures are. That’s where our Granblue Fantasy: Relink tier list comes in handy.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action role-playing game (RPG) by Cygames, released on February 1, 2024. Currently, there are a total of 20 playable characters to choose from.

While our tier list offers insights into character performance, it’s essential to remember that every character is balanced and brings unique benefits to the team. Your choice should align with your play style and preferences, as success in Granblue Fantasy Relink is about strategy and enjoyment rather than just following rankings.

Updated on April 1, 2024: The current tier list has been reviewed, ensuring it’s updated and relevant for all players. The list will be updated in the future with the addition of two new playable characters: Seofon and Tweyen. Please note that our Granblue Fantasy: Relink Tier List is a guide, not a rulebook you strictly need to follow. All the characters have potential, and success comes from strategy and preference. Enjoyment over rankings—play with characters you love. Let this tier list be a starting point for exploration and enjoyment, encouraging you to discover your path in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Granblue Fantasy Relink

Best Characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink


Charlotta stands out as a remarkable DPS character in Granblue Fantasy Relink. She boasts unparalleled survivability thanks to her skills that provide invincibility and a buff that reduces the defense of all enemies. The ability to counter attacks with precision, even amidst combo executions, makes her an invaluable asset for players who prioritize DPS while needing robust defense mechanisms to survive tougher battles.


Rackam is characterized by his exceptional attacking prowess, positioning him as a top-tier attacker among the game’s roster. His combat style is distinctively ranged, allowing him to engage enemies from a distance. This approach keeps him relatively safe from direct attacks and enables him to control the battlefield effectively, supporting his allies while dealing significant damage to foes.


Lancelot can fit in any multiplayer party composition, either being the DPS, secondary DPS, or a primary stun provider. He excels in melee combat with his dual swords and is notable for his ability to execute fast, fluid combo attacks, which can quickly stun enemies while dealing a good amount of damage.


Zeta is a powerful and agile warrior who is amazing in aerial combat and counters. She can dodge many ground-based enemy attacks. Her skill set allows her to apply the status effect, Arvess Fermare, which enhances the damage dealt to enemies and allows her to maintain high damage output through her combo loops.

Gran / Djeeta

Gran or Djeeta, the main protagonist and captain of the game, is a jack of all trades. They have abilities and a skill set that allows them to be well-balanced, which offers a combination of attack, defense, and support.


Eugen is one of the available gunners in Granblue Fantasy Relink, allowing him to attack from far away. This makes him especially useful in combat that favors distance. He is excellent at avoiding close combat when dealing with bosses and is great for quick farming for end-game materials. He may not seem the best choice initially, but he shines later in the game by providing versatility and unparalleled damage potential.

A-Tier Characters


Id is a DPS character with a versatile combat style, which includes a mix of offensive, defensive, and supportive skills. He can shift between human and dragon form, specializing in wide attacks. He offers a mix of fast-paced sword attacks and uses his dragon form to deal a great amount of damage and protect the team. (He is only accessible after the story).


Yodarha has two swords that allow him to deal damage with fast attacks and combos. It’s also notable how there is an invincibility window in between his attacks, which allows players to keep dealing damage. To achieve this, he must have his Triple Shroud marks filled out by completing combo finishers, which could be hard to do in some boss battles.


Vane is a support tank character who could be invaluable due to his access to the best skills in the game, such as the shield large enough to protect the party. This is incredibly useful when you have party members such as Io with long charge attacks. Besides this, he also possesses buffs that would help the party.


Siegfried is a great sustainable damage dealer and able to deal consistently high single-target damage to enemies. He aids in the team’s survival by debuff resistance and health drain effects. He has a slower attack speed than others, which could prove difficult in the faster-paced boss battles.


Io is a traditional mage who is able to deal long-range magic attacks and a large amount of elemental damage, as well as debuffs against her enemies. She could deal massive damage and allow for crowd control, which helps in the fight.

B-Tier Characters


Katalina is a versatile character like Gran or Djeeta, having a robust mix of supportive and offensive skills. Her attacks are quicker and cover more distance compared to the Captain. The distinctive aspect of her gameplay is the summoning of Ares through a unique trait, enhancing her abilities significantly in battle. Despite her all-rounder capabilities, she can lag behind other characters, dropping her from A to B-tier as she doesn’t have more to offer than the other cast.


Percival is a good support and combines ease of use with strategic depth. His kit is pretty straightforward and emphasizes damage output. He’s able to provide support to the team by dealing with a debuff that reduces the enemies’ defense and speed, as well as fire damage burns.


Cagliostro is one of the best support characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink. She is able to provide the team with attack, defense, and crit rate boosts. She also has an AOE heal, able to revive, remove debuffs from the team, and give debuffs to enemies. Her full-charge attacks also lower the defense of the enemy.


Narmaya is a DPS character with some support capabilities. Beginners in the game may find her a bit challenging due to her complexity. Despite this, she possesses a dual-stance mechanism that could change between slow, chargeable attacks with added range or a more rapid, aggressive attack. She has the potential to deal large damage once players get used to her style.


Ferry may not be one of the top choices for players of Granblue Fantasy Relink. Her design and skill set offer a blend of support and damage, and she needs to manage her ‘pets’ effectively to maximize her potential in the battle.

C-Tier Characters


Ghandagoza is not universally viewed as one of the top characters in the game due to his unique playstyle and slower attack pace compared to the others. Despite this, his moves can deal considerable damage, but players need good timing and the right sequence of attacks.


Vaseraga can be perceived as underwhelming due to his slower attack speed. When playing the character, he needs to leverage his massive scythe for a slow but powerful swing. Definitely needs time to get used to his style of attacks.


Rosetta is good at controlling the battlefield with her skills, even though she’s not the fastest attacker in the game. Her mid-range attacks and Rose Traps are useful and offer both damage and buffs. Choosing to play her may require a bit of practice, and you may encounter difficulties with flying enemies.

Understanding our Granblue Fantasy Relink Tier List

Our Granblue Fantasy: Relink Tier List is crafted with the aim of providing an objective analysis based on character performance across various game metrics. However, it’s important to recognize that the true charm of Granblue Fantasy: Relink lies in its diverse roster of characters and the myriad ways players can enjoy the game.

We acknowledge the passionate discussions within the community about the relevance of tier lists. The consensus highlights a beautiful aspect of the game: any character can shine in the right hands and under the right circumstances. The game’s design allows for a wide range of strategies, team compositions, and play styles, making it possible to achieve success and enjoyment beyond mere numbers.

Our tier list is created from our experiences and after testing under equal conditions to evaluate characters’ performance, focusing on a balance between damage output and utility. We consider factors like damage and the characters’ roles within team compositions, aiming to guide players in understanding each character’s potential in a structured environment.

However, we recommend that you play what you love. Whether it’s for their aesthetics, lore, or the sheer joy of their gameplay mechanics, choosing characters that resonate with you can make your Granblue Fantasy: Relink experience uniquely satisfying. Our tier list is here to provide insights and recommendations, not to dictate the only path to enjoyment.

Remember, the game’s difficulty is balanced to be accessible and rewarding for a wide array of team setups and strategies. Whether tackling the toughest raids or simply adventuring through the story, the most important factor is your enjoyment.

In conclusion, we invite you to use our tier list as one of many tools in your gaming journey, not the sole guide. Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a vast, vibrant world waiting to be explored in whichever way brings you the most joy.

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