Best Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024)


Welcome to your ultimate guide on crafting the best Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to dominate in late-game scenarios, understanding the optimal combination of weapons, sigils, and skills for Narmaya is key. This guide is your one-stop resource for maximizing her combat effectiveness and mastering her unique dual-stance gameplay.

Updated on March 10, 2024: To ensure this guide remains the go-to resource for Narmaya players, we’ve refreshed our recommendations to align with the current game meta. With Narmaya holding a competitive B-Tier ranking, we focus on leveraging her strengths and addressing her complexities. For insights into how she stacks up against other characters, visit our Granblue Fantasy Relink tier list.

Best Narmaya build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024) 1
Narmaya (Granblue Fantasy Relink)

Best Weapons for Narmaya

A quick overview of the best Weapon choices for Narmaya, catering to different stages of gameplay for maximized effectiveness.

  • Fluorithium Blade: The ideal starting weapon for early to mid-game, providing a critical hit rate boost that’s essential for slicing through enemies with precision.
  • Venustas: As you progress, this weapon becomes a key asset. Achieving level 150 and unlocking Weapon Awakening enhances its traits and all sigils in your grid, making it a late-game powerhouse.
  • Ameno Habakiri: The ultimate weapon choice for late-game, offering unmatched power once awakened. This weapon solidifies Narmaya’s position as a fearsome combatant on the battlefield.

Best Sigils for Narmaya

An insight into the most beneficial sigils for boosting Narmaya’s combat capabilities and overall performance.

  • Critical Hit Rate: Increases the chance of critical hits, a fundamental aspect for boosting Narmaya’s DPS.
  • Damage Cap: Essential for maximizing attack damage, allowing Narmaya to unleash her full offensive potential.
  • Guts: Provides a crucial survival mechanism by allowing Narmaya to withstand lethal hits.
  • Autorevive: A backup safety net that automatically revives Narmaya in critical conditions, ensuring her continued presence in battle.
  • Supplementary Damage: Increases the likelihood of inflicting additional damage with normal attacks and skills, enhancing Narmaya’s overall DPS.
  • War Elemental: Guarantees that all attacks exploit elemental weaknesses, significantly boosting damage output against all foes.

These are the character specific Sigils to use for Narmaya:

  • Butterfly’s Grace: Doubles the output of butterflies, speeding up skill cooldowns and DPS rotation.
  • Butterfly’s Valor: Offers a chance to conserve butterflies, enabling more frequent skill use without depleting resources.

Best Skills for Narmaya

Navigate Narmaya’s complex skill set to leverage her versatility and power on the battlefield. These two skills are recommended to have for Narmaya:

  • Transient: A core skill that provides a versatile multi-hit assault, adapting based on her current stance. It’s essential for maintaining offensive momentum.
  • Dance of Pink Petals: Boosts Narmaya’s attack, adds supplementary damage, and grants stout heart, significantly enhancing her combat effectiveness and damage output.

While the other two Skills can be flexible depending on what you need between these:

  • Setsuna: Offers a powerful chargeable slash that becomes more effective with each butterfly collected, perfect for concentrated damage.
  • Kyokasuigetsu: A rapid engagement skill that allows Narmaya to swiftly close distances with her opponents, facilitating aggressive assault sequences.
  • Apex of Nothingness: Delivers strategic utility with slow and dispel effects, adding depth to Narmaya’s combat tactics.
  • Utter Devotion: Applies a defense debuff to enemies while increasing Narmaya’s attractiveness as a target, making them more vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to optimize Narmaya’s build in Granblue Fantasy Relink, ensuring she can effectively navigate and dominate the battlefield. With the right combination of Weapons, Sigils, and Skills, Narmaya will become an indispensable member of your team, capable of dealing massive damage while adapting to any combat situation.

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