Best Gran & Djeeta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024)

Best Gran & Djeeta Build in Granblue Fantasy Relink: Weapons, Sigils & Skills (March 2024) 1

Looking for the best Gran and Djeeta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink for survivability and skill cooldown efficiency? You’re in the right place!

This guide is your go-to for selecting the best Weapons, Sigils, and Skills to keep Gran and Djeeta resilient and their abilities readily available. Let’s get into the specifics to boost your gameplay!

Updated on March 10, 2024: We’ve revisited this guide to ensure it’s in line with the current game meta. Gran/Djeeta’s position as an A-Tier character speaks to their well-rounded capabilities, excelling in a mix of offense, defense, and support. To see how they stack up against other characters, visit our Granblue Fantasy Relink tier list.

Gran and Djeeta (Granblue Fantasy Relink)

Best Weapons for Gran/Djeeta

The right weapon can significantly enhance Gran/Djeeta’s effectiveness in battle. This section will guide you through selecting weapons that not only complement their versatile nature but also align with your preferred playstyle, whether it’s dealing damage, tanking hits, or supporting the team.

  • Sword of Eos: A balanced choice for those looking to add a bit of damage while focusing on survivability. This weapon is particularly valuable for its HP boost, making it a reliable choice until you’re able to access the Seven-Star Sword.
  • Durandal: Known for its Stun effect, Durandal adds a layer of crowd control to Gran/Djeeta’s repertoire, making it a strategic pick for controlling the battlefield and supporting allies.
  • Seven-Star Sword: The ultimate goal for any Gran/Djeeta player, this weapon not only significantly boosts your attack but also offers unique traits like Regen and Catastrophe, making it a game-changer in your arsenal.

Best Sigils for Gran/Djeeta

Sigils offer a way to customize Gran/Djeeta’s capabilities further, boosting their strengths or compensating for weaknesses. We’ll dive into the essential sigils that support various roles, from enhancing survivability and healing to improving damage output and skill efficiency.

  • Health: This sigil is fundamental in boosting Gran/Djeeta’s HP, enhancing their ability to support the team by staying alive longer in the fray. A higher HP pool means you can engage in combat more confidently, taking hits that would otherwise jeopardize less durable characters.
  • Steady Focus: A must-have for any player who values uninterrupted attacks. This sigil ensures that your charge attacks go off without a hitch, keeping you in control and your damage consistent, especially in the heat of battle where every second counts.
  • Low Profile: Ideal for a more strategic, back-line support role. By making Gran/Djeeta less likely to be targeted by enemies, you can focus on supporting your team without being constantly under threat, allowing you to heal, buff, or debuff as necessary.
  • Improved Healing: For those who lean into Gran/Djeeta’s healing abilities, this sigil is crucial. It not only strengthens the healing power of your skills but also ensures your team can recover more health with each cast, making you an indispensable asset in any fight.
  • Uplift: Charging your Skybound Arts gauge can be a slow process for characters not primarily focused on offense. This sigil accelerates the charge rate, enabling you to access your powerful arts more frequently, which is vital for turning the tide in tough battles.

You can also use these Sigils based on what you need:

  • Potion Hoarder: This sigil is a lifesaver in prolonged battles or when facing tough bosses. By increasing your stock of recovery items, you ensure that you and your team can sustain through damage spikes, keeping everyone in fighting shape.
  • Quick Cooldown: This sigil is essential for a support-focused Gran/Djeeta. By reducing skill cooldowns, you ensure your healing, buffs, and debuffs are available more often, significantly boosting your team’s staying power and effectiveness.
  • Nimble Onslaught: Perfect for agile players who excel at dodging. This sigil not only offers cooldown reduction, enhancing your mobility and skill utility but also grants temporary invincibility after a perfect dodge, allowing you to navigate through enemy attacks seamlessly.
  • Aegis: Complementing the Health sigil, Aegis further solidifies your survivability by enhancing your maximum HP. It’s particularly beneficial in high-stakes encounters where the margin for error is slim, and every bit of health counts.

Best Skills for Gran/Djeeta

Gran/Djeeta’s skills are the core of their versatility, allowing them to adapt to the needs of the team dynamically. This section breaks down the critical skills you should prioritize to maximize their potential as a healer, damage dealer, or supportive ally, providing strategies for their effective use in combat.

  • Panacea: The cornerstone of any healer’s skill set, offering wide-reaching healing effects that are essential for team sustainability. Its AoE healing keeps the team alive and fighting, especially critical during prolonged battles where sustained damage is a factor.
  • Phalanx: A defensive powerhouse, providing a party-wide damage reduction that can be the difference between victory and defeat in encounters with high-damage output enemies or bosses.
  • Miserable Mist: Plays a strategic role in any battle, debuffing enemies by lowering their attack and defense. This shift can turn the tide of battle, making formidable foes less threatening and easier to defeat.
  • Rage: All about amplifying your team’s damage output. By increasing the party’s attack power, it synergizes with debuffs like Miserable Mist to quickly take down tough opponents, shortening battle duration.

Gran/Djeeta’s skill set allows them to fulfill diverse roles on the battlefield. In addition to their core skills, two situational abilities can provide strategic advantages in specific encounters:

  • Veil: This skill is invaluable when facing enemies that frequently use debuffs such as Burn or Glaciate. By protecting your team from these effects, Veil ensures that your squad remains at full strength, unhampered by debilitating status conditions.
  • Stall: Effective against agile foes, Stall slows down fast-moving enemies, making them easier targets for your team. This skill is particularly useful in encounters where controlling enemy movement can significantly reduce the threat they pose, allowing for a more manageable and strategic approach to combat.

With the right combination of Weapons, Sigils, and Skills, Gran/Djeeta can become an unstoppable force. This guide equips you with the knowledge to tailor your build to any situation, ensuring that Gran/Djeeta leads your team to victory in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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